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A Medium’s Passage 2

Updated on April 7, 2012

This is part two of my story to discover, accept and integrate mystical abilities into an ordinary world.


It is important that you, Gentle Reader, understand what things mean to me so my story makes more sense. These are common terms used for discussing supernatural, psychic, and occult topics. I have only included terms that are relevant for sharing my story. A more comprehensive dictionary (or glossary) can be found in:

Akashic Records

Definition: A record of all experience since the beginning of time.

My Opinion: This record of events exists. I perceive a very large staff of beings that work in this library to the universe. I believe we visit this place after we leave here to review our expedition and grade ourselves. It is likely possible to see certain future events. (Also See Time)

Astral Projection

Definition: An out-of-body experience, whereas our spirit (soul) leaves our physical body. (Also see Bi-Location)

My Opinion: I believe it is possible for some of us to leave our physical body for a short time. I have not done this consciously, but I have heard people tell me their stories and I believed them.


Definition: A field of energy surrounding living creatures. Certain people can see auras, generally as a luminous, colored halo.

My Experience: I sense a bubble of personal energy around myself, other people, animal, plants, and nearly all living things. I do not see the colors that some describe, but I can perceive the temperament of that energy, the mood of a person, the health of a plant and so on.

Automatic Writing

Definition: The ability to write intelligible messages without conscious control or knowledge of what is being written. (Also See Channeling)

My Experience: I tried this early in my research. It worked, but was highly ineffective as a form of communication from the Others.


Definition: Being or appearing to be in two places at the same time.

My Experience: I can use this method as an out-of-body experience. In a deep meditative state, I can perceive visiting other places, but am also in my body. I believe that some of the higher spirit beings and angels can split themselves into more than two places at once.

Channeling (pic phone)

Definition: Transmitting messages from one world to another.

My Experience: I am a channeler. I can set my consciousness aside and allow spirit beings to talk through me. It is very strange indeed to experience another being’s voice inflection and word choices coming out of my mouth! I believe automatic writing is a form of channeling, though less effective.

I have been subjected to spirit beings jumping in and influencing me without prior authorization – some just don’t understand the paperwork in such matters! I had to learn to prevent that from ever happening again since one may have been trying to kill me! (See True Scary Story: The Visitor) (Also See Clairvoyance)


Definition: Chakras are vortices which exist inside the body of living beings; they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of certain energies. There is some variance in the number of chakras believed to exist; the most well-known system is that of seven chakras.

My Experience: I researched and revealed the chakras inside my body. I perceive the colors as indicated in the charts. The best book I found is “Your Aura and Your Chakras, The Owner’s Manual” by Karla McLaren. I also learned how to sense if they are healthy and what to do if they are not. One thing I discovered that it not in any book. Each chakra can accumulate psychic debris and should be cleaned out -- deeply; some of this debris may exist prior to this incarnation.



Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience

Definition: General terms that refer to the paranormal obtaining of information about an object or event. Seeing mentally what is out of sight, acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness.

My Opinion: I believe that clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience are interchangeable and are all forms of channeling since the very definition of channeling is the transmission of information. In this context messages, energy, and information are also synonymous.

My Experience: I can touch physical things and gain impressions. I can listen, or know information being transmitted from a myriad of spirit beings, including their history. I can absorb information and emotions by being in close proximity to a person. I can visit a place, a house, a town, and area and soak up its history or gain impressions.

You may be wondering…the answer is yes, it is difficult to go to Disneyland, but I can deal with it for a visit to the happiest place on earth, the people trap run by a mouse.

Clairvoyant Medium

Definition: A person who obtains information paranormally, often by spirit communication, without the need to enter into a trance state.

My Experience: I do not have to enter a trance to gain knowledge. I can just as easily have a conversation with a spirit being as I would a person, nearly anytime or anyplace.


Definition: The practice involving the interpretation of signs or symbols, often using specific tools, to seek knowledge of events.

My Experience: When I first tried a Ouija Board, I discovered I could operate it myself and had to hang on firmly or the plastic thingy would fly out of my hand. I was naïve then and did not know that was abnormal. I have been reading tarot cards for years.

I believe divination is the process of gaining deeper knowledge about a person or event. I believe that telling a person what may happen is only possible if they remain on the same trajectory; or if they follow any advice given in a reading and purposefully change direction to achieve a desired result.


Definition: Empathy is the ability to recognize and, to some extent, feel the emotional state of another; have intuition.

My Experience: My ability to sense emotional states extends to beings in other dimensions too.

Guided Imagery

Definition: A technique to create an imaginary set of conditions to induce physical, mental, energetic or emotional changes. Example, I think “I am grounded” then I imagine roots emerging from my feet into the ground and connecting to the energy of the earth.


Definition: A person believed to communicate with the dead or be a channel between worlds or dimensions. (Also See Channeling)

Prescience, Premonition, Prediction

Definition: Prior knowing of events; foresight.

My Experience: My abilities to foresee are limited, within a few days to a week. Most of the time, they are of less significant events. Only rarely have I sensed a major disaster.

Psychic, Supernatural, Paranormal, Occult

Definition: Outside conventionally accepted physical science or knowledge; incorporeal forces or influences; a person sensitive to such influences; extraordinary or mysterious perceptions or events.

My Opinion: All of these terms are synonymous. Unfortunately, they often have a derogatory connotation.


Definition: Obtaining knowledge using a physical object as a focus.

My Experience: (See Clairvoyance)

Physical Mediumship, Psychokinetic (PK), Telekinesis

Definition: The influence of the mind on physical events and phenomena such as levitation, electrical disturbance, causing the motion of objects, and so on.

My Experience: I threw a small object across the room once when I was violently ill. I didn’t mean to do it and have not been able to develop this skill. It would be a cool though! I had a great-aunt that was reportedly a gifted psychic. I heard she used to “tip tables”.


Definition: Relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit or soul; relating to sacred matters; relating to supernatural beings or phenomena.

Telepathy, ESP (Extrasensory Perception)

Definition: Communication of information from one mind to another mind (thoughts, feeling, et cetera) without using the five senses. It is difficult to distinguish between telepathy and clairvoyance.

My Experience: My kids and I lovingly refer to each other as mind-reading freaks. It is a daily occurrence for one of us to think something and another to speak it. It can be disconcerting too because there are spirit beings or fairies around that can also read our minds. I can be thinking to myself and will have commentary from an unseen peanut gallery. There is little privacy!

This goes two ways; I can also read the minds of the spirit beings around me. Not just “hear” the information they are relaying to me, but eavesdrop on their conversations or thoughts. They get very frustrated about this. I find it just as distasteful to snoop on spirit beings as I do people, so I try really hard not to do it!


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    • bborrello profile image

      bborrello 5 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Tia - Glad you liked it.

    • tia160 profile image

      tia160 5 years ago

      LOve this hub, I'm into this stuff and by you're last hub some weird stuff has been happen to me.

    • Shawn May Scott profile image

      Shawn May Scott 5 years ago

      I look forward to it.:)

    • bborrello profile image

      bborrello 5 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Shawn - Thanks again. I will hopefully finish the next installment by tomorrow :-)

    • Shawn May Scott profile image

      Shawn May Scott 5 years ago

      This was good insight for me. It helped me better name the phenomenom that often takes place around me. ie. empathy, premonition and prediction (which I have had large and tragic events come to me, also some very wonderful ones), aruas and clairvoyence. Not that I did not understand these events but often was given names that did not makes sense to me. Thank you. I'll stay tuned for more to come!!!

    • bborrello profile image

      bborrello 5 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Dad - Thanks, working on it...more to come.

      Deepak - Thanks!

    • Deepak Chaturvedi profile image

      Deepak Chaturvedi 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      great hub

    • profile image

      Philip Gantt 5 years ago

      I like it but you didn't tell enough. Write more articles with more details, such as who you communicate with, what they are like, etc. Just a suggestion.