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Meeting a homesless MAN

Updated on November 16, 2012

A homeless man in a world where I have a home.....

I have had the pleasure of speaking to a homeless man. Not by his choice, but by my own. His name is Doug and he sits in an alleyway by where I work every afternoon at lunch time. He wears glass covered sunglassses that shield his eyes from the sun, but also shield them from me.

I walk with a friend of mine and to tell you the truth, I really don't remember why or when we started to talk to him, but we did. He has a story...he has had a life..he still lives and exists in a world where most would rather that he not....and most choose to pretend that he doesn't. He has said many times that a lot of people avoid him....looking away...why? What is it about him that shuns us or frightens us? We could all be there...we could all turn out this way in this world today...with one missed paycheck...with one missed opportunity or take-over.

Isn't that a sad, not really...the saddest statement I have heard in a long time is that someone is searching for a reason to be here.."Why am I here?"..almost like a ringing bell that will forever chime in my memory...especially because its chime started on a crystal clear, blue skied, "perfectly" beautilful, how could anyone be searching for a reason to exist????....THAT TO ME IS SAD!!!!

He doesn't bother us or ask us for money, nor does he ask anyone for money outright..he has a small cloth bucket that has a cat face on it and sets it out and plays his music on what looks like a miniature drum as I watch people walk by avoiding "the look" because he is homeless.

What makes you and I paycheck...two...three...these homeless people, who everyone pointed out as being homeless by choices that they made years ago are no longer the same....they have become victims of the world today...they are the ones who worked hard for a company, flourished, and then when the economy fell and they were not needed anymore, hence, falling victim to the economy......and circumstances outside their own control.

WHAT MAKES US BETTER AND HOW CAN THIS WORLD, THE WAY THAT IT IS, EVER MAKE ANYONE THINK THAT THEY HAVE TO TRY TO FIND A REASON TO EXIST....what RIGHT do we have to make them feel matter what the circumstance???? Who are we to judge when in reality it could be us in a second or minute.... When the person looking through those glasses is more human than anyone could ever be? Who are we to be the judge of anyone either way?

UPDATE 1/11/2012:

Doug died this past week....homeless and in the woods

He was always afraid he would die alone in the woods and noone would know. Now we all know. He is no different than you and I (human) in a world where he would go unnoticed by many and unfortunately died such a brutal is easier not to think about it, but he will be missed every afternoon walk and I will think about it and be saddened by it and continue to be enlightened by the fact that a homeless man with so little could teach me so much about life.

So move on, Doug, you were noticed...I hope you have found reason and peace and a heaven like no other!!


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    • profile image

      lisalisa00769 7 years ago

      He told me he does find a reason to exist...We didn't see him today, he wasn't in his usual spot, and I ask myself if something happened to him would anyone but us even realize???? I have not problems in you?

    • FirstStepsFitness profile image

      FirstStepsFitness 7 years ago

      Welcome to HubPages :) We should help each other .

    • profile image

      mioluna 7 years ago

      It's very sad what life can do with us sometimes. Nobody knows what can happened tomorrow. And if we have opportunity we should to help each other!