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Mercury in Cancer Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and the location it was in when you were born will influence the way you communicate. Mercury in Cancer will color the way you think, react, learn and interact with everything going on around you. That Cancerian energy will be present when you are experiencing anything to do with communication. To learn more about it, please see the information below!

Shy Communicator

Actually, Mercury in Cancer might not have a shy personality, per se, but their communication style will seem like that of a shy person to those around them. Cancer is quiet by nature, taking things in on an emotional level first, and then processing it all by intuition. Their reactions will be feelings based and then they will formulate their reactions accordingly. When things are expressed loudly to them, this will put them off and it will more difficult for them to have an agreeable reaction, no matter what the nature of the conversation is. You must approach these individuals with a calm and level demeanor, as doing the opposite could mean they don't hear your words at all. Or, they may hear them and react negatively simply because they are made to feel uncomfortable by the tone.


Learning Style

Mercury in Cancer might be very clever, but no matter how much a genius they are, they will need to be in a good emotional place to absorb new information. They have a great memory, but that memory process could be blocked by emotional issues if they are not feeling right with the world in that particular moment. When they are feeling even-keeled, everything will fall into place and they can learn very quickly. They learn best in an atmosphere in which they do not feel judged, and children of this sign will shut down quickly when they are around classmates who are prone to mocking or ridicule. And while I realize that is something that could affect all children, it is especially true of these children. When their learning successes are responded to with warmth and happiness, they will really excel at just about anything.

Communication Style

Mercury in Cancer tends to be kind when communicating. That is not to say they can't be prickly -- this is the sign of the crab, after all! Cancerian children can be very quick to lash out if they feel hurt, but this is by no means the default personality. They are sweet and caring, and even when they are dishing out criticism they will try to soften it with their tone, or their famous brand of empathy, of which they have oodles. Indeed, a Cancer could seem (and possibly actually be!) more upset to give you bad news than you are to receive it. And when they are asked to make decisions, they will often take some time in getting back to you. It's not that they need to weigh every aspect like a Taurus, it's just that they will wait until the mood or time is right, emotionally speaking, to deliver their verdict.


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