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Mercury in Gemini Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

Mercury is the great communicator. It's placement in your birth chart will determine how it influences your personality and your communication style. It will affect the way you think, the way you talk, the way you react to others, and even the way you learn. If you were born with Mercury in Gemini, this is the energy that will dominate your communication style. To learn more about this particular sign, please continue reading below!

Doubly Great Communicator

Gemini is already the great communicator, being that it is ruled by Mercury, so if you've got Mercury in Gemini, that just makes you all the more fantastically talented when it comes to conveying your thoughts and ideas. I happen to have a Gemini ascendant, so I'm very familiar with this energy, myself. A Gemini Mercury will always know what to say, and even if they screw up by saying something they shouldn't have said, they will be able to seamlessly cover it up by saying the right thing immediately thereafter. These people make great politicians for obvious reasons! They also make great public speakers and TV presenters because they can think on their own and do not panic when the teleprompter breaks down -- these people have a steady stream of wisdom stored in the back of their minds and if even if they don't know the right answer they can make it sound like they do. This is the gift of the Mercurian silver tongue.


Always on Edge

I think Shaking Leg Syndrome should be re-named Gemini Syndrome! Most people with a heavy Gemini influence in their charts have a very hard time sitting still. This is especially true when they are bored. As children they might actually be scaling the walls, but as adults they've probably learned to pretty much sit still, but when they are not full engrossed in something they will likely have a leg moving about, or thumbs twiddling or foot tapping, etc. They only time these people are going to be completely still is when they are completely entertained or fascinated with something. Some describe this as nervous energy, but I think "sheer boredom" is probably a better term. Gemini needs something to do, mentally, in order to keep themselves from going mad with ants'n'pants. That said, this sign can be overstimulate and they are often very sensitive to the noises and activities going on around them. They enjoy the hustle and bustle of big cities, but they need to be able to differentiate between this noise and that one. If things start to pile up, it can be very frustrating and even panic-inducing.

Always Looking for a Good Time

Mercury in Gemini wants to get out and explore the world. They want to be entertained. They want to entertain others. They want to impress, and they want to be impressed. They will delight in finding anyone capable of keeping up with their mental prowess, though this is often difficult to do. Once they've found that person, they will go out of their way to spend time with them, even if it's just talking on the phone. This is a very necessary thing for Gemini, it's almost as though this is vital to their physical and mental well-being, as going for periods of time without such communication can result in an extreme buildup of nervous energy. Therefore, these folks should always have an outlet for communication to keep themselves as mentally sharp and fit as possible.


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