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Mercury in Leo Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, and depending on where it was located at the time of your birth, this will affect your own personal communication style. If you were born with Mercury in Leo, this Leo energy will be reflected in the way you think, react, communicate and even learn. Of course, your personality and thought processes will be affected by other things in your natal chart as well, but this particular placement will have a strong influence on communication itself. To learn more, please continue reading below!

The Expert

Whether or not Mercury in Leo is actually an expert or not, they will come across like one when speaking. On just about every topic they care to speak about! It's not that they are trying to sound like a genius (and hey, they might be one!), it's more that they just have a commanding tone and demeanor when they communicate, because Leo is the Lion of the astrological jungle and they will always present themselves in a way that commands (or demands!) respect. If they are wrong about whatever it is they are talking about, you will need to present that fact in as benign a way as possible, because these people will react by taking great offense if you do not. If you can present your difference of opinion in a respectful way, you might get through the debate with little arguing. But if you set a Leo off with a cocky ego, yours and theirs will clash and the lion will roar! That said, Leos generally don't run off at the mouth unless they are sure they are right, so you might want to double check your facts before you tell them they are absolutely wrong about something.


Flair for the Dramatic

As an Aries, I have to say I know something about hamming up a scene. But then I'd quickly need to bow to Leo in Mercury's talent for waxing dramatic, because these people do everything with flair, no matter how dull a task it may seem to the rest of us. This stems from a desire to entertain, and when communicating, they will present their case, information, or what-have-you with great energy and excitement. These people make some really great teachers, because they can make even the most boring subject sound exciting and interesting. Of course, this flair extends to their tempers as well. If you have scorned a Leo, you can expect a fierce and furious response and they will make sure you fully understand how badly you have overstepped yourself. They are generally amiable communicators, just try to stay on their good side!

Social Wonders

Mercury in Leo has a brilliant communication style and they are very good at making others feel relaxed. If they are of a mind to impress you, rest assured, you will be impressed. You may even find yourself wishing you be just like them -- outgoing, cool, exciting, passionate and a great public speaker. When they enter a room, they will command it from the start, with people lining up just to have a few moments of time chatting with the most charismatic speaker they've ever met. The phrase "Life of the Party" was probably coined with these people in mind!


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