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Mercury in Pisces Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

Mercury is the planet of thought and communication. And wherever it was at the time of your birth will determine how you think and communicate with others and the world around you. If Mercury was in Pisces when you were born, that is the energy that will affect this part of your personality. Personally, I happen to have this exact placement, so let's take a look at the ways those of us with this sign interact with our environment.

Intuitive Interpretations

Those of us with Mercury in Pisces are less likely to discern the world around us by what we're told than what we feel. These people size a room of people up not by what they hear and see, but rather by what their gut tells them about the events going on around them. We will read body language, take careful note of expressions and tone of voice before we allow the verbal language itself to filter through and round out the assessment. Pisces is a very psychic sign and Mercury in Pisces does share some of that in the form of interpersonal intuition. We can read people very well and we tend to know what's true and what isn't based on how we perceive things internally during the experience.


Polite Communicators

Mercury in Pisces does not want to hurt anyone's feelings. This is not to say that everyone with this sign is peaceful and kind or incapable of giving someone a proper telling off. I have an Aries sun and my first instinct is the traditional warrior's way, as opposed to that of the peaceful warrior. And if I am really fed up, my first instinct will win out. But most of the time there is this inner voice that simply gets in the way and makes me cushion most of what I really want to say. If you've got a sign that conflicts with this communication style, this can be very frustrating! And that is precisely why the entire natal chart must be taken into account before declaring someone to have "this" style or "that". It's always going to be a combination, but knowing what those combinations are can do wonders to help you understand why you react one way or another. Generally speaking, Mercury in Pisces will never directly try to hurt someone's feelings with harsh words, but if they are pushed to hard, they certainly might!

Creativity is Key to Learning

Mercury in Pisces is a dreamer and many of them learn best through non-traditional means. They can become easily distracted when learning something if the way the concept is presented is too strict, which will result in boring them. Many children who have difficulty learning things in school have similar placements and these kids should be taught via doing rather than being told how. Visual cues are often very usual and music can aid the learning process as well, because it can help keep the wandering thoughts focused. Sounds strange to some, but it works very well for many abstract thinking people. If Mercury in Pisces is bored with a topic, it's probably more to do with the teaching style than the subject matter itself.


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