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Mercury in Sagittarius Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

The location of Mercury at the time of your birth will determine your communication style. If you have Mercury in Sagittarius, this energy will color the way you think, talk, interpret other people, and even the way you learn. While other aspects of your natal chart will have an influence as well, none of them will be quite as strong when it comes to your communication style. To learn more, please continue reading!

Blunt and to the Point

Mercury in Sagittarius isn't a cruel or unkind person, but their communication style can leave one with a good stinging sensation. These people are blunt and direct, and they do not sugar coat their opinions. As I've said, they are not trying to hurt your feelings, they are just being honest and feel that this is the best way to communicate, as beating around the bush would be insulting to your intelligence, and a waste of time. By the same token, they are quite good about handling blunt comments directed to them, and even though they may react in surprise, they will generally take such comments in the spirit they were intended.


The Great Debater

Mercury in Sagittarius fancies him or herself to have an open mind that is not prone to prejudice of any kind. And for the most part, this is probably true. But, as with most people, they are likely to have a few pre-conceived notions floating around in their heads which are filed away as facts, and not things open to debate. Bringing these topics up (whatever they may happen to be) can lead to very big arguments that have the capacity to go on forever and a day, so it's best not to go there at all. That said, these people are more open-minded than most -- but they are no Libra! So when you find yourself in a debate with Sagittarius, do yourself a favor and stick to the game plan, because they will absolutely not budge on certain opinions, and thus no debate is possible, only an argument.

Infectious Enthusiam

Mercury in Sagittarius has a childlike sense of enthusiasm for all sorts of adventure and they will use that enthusiasm to talk you into just about anything. They are fantastic persuaders and can make just about anything sound interesting and fun. They will listen to your opinions and they will take them into consideration, and if you are not keen to see things their way, they will patiently explain all the reasons you should. By the end of the conversation you will have caught the enthusiasm bug and you will have been totally charmed by their exuberance to the point you'll happily tag along wherever they want to take you. They also have a brilliant sense of humor and very good sense of comic timing. Few people can lighten a serious mood better than Mercury in Sagittarius.


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