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Mercury in Scorpio Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

The planet Mercury is the influence that governs our communication style. If Mercury was in Scorpio at the time of your birth, this Scorpio energy will affect the way you communicate, the way you interpret other people, the way you learn and the way you think in general. Other aspects of your natal chart will have an influence as well, but none quite so much as this one. To learn more about it, please see below!

Reading Rather Than Listening

The primary way Mercury in Scorpio interprets the world around them is by reading those in it. They will listen to you, but they will base their opinions, determinations and reactions on what they see in you, rather than what you are telling them. These people know how you feel before you know it yourself, and they will act accordingly. This can be a particularly difficult sign to date, if you're someone who enjoys being able to keep some emotions and reactions to yourself! Scorpio will simply know the truth, no matter how much you deny it. And they have this talent with everyone, not just those they know on a personal level. Therefore, these people will base their communications on what the perceive, rather than what they are told.


Passion, Passion and More Passion!

Mercury in Scorpio is very passionate about everything around them. They will express their emotions with great conviction, and they will not hesitate to bowl you over with their enthusiasm. Indeed, they will think it to your benefit to experience something as viscerally as you possibly can, because for them, passion is the of the utmost importance. If they are not expressing something in this fashion, you can be sure they have next to no interest in the subject. When they decide to learn something, they give it everything they've got. When they try to teach something, they do it with fervor. There is no in-between with these folks, passion is in everything they express.

Careless Whispers

Mercury in Scorpio is not the most diplomatic sign. If you're a close personal friend, or someone they are romantically involved with, they might take care to spare your feelings when they are discussing their opinions. But more often than not, they will just say whatever is on their minds in way they feel will best convey the point. I'm not necessarily talking about bluntness, either. They will chose whichever tone and method they feel will leave the most lasting impression on you. They could say things very sweetly, or even in a shocking manner, if that is what it takes to get you to see their point and side with them. And because they are experts at reading other people, they will usually be very successful in these ventures.


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