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Mercury in Taurus Explained

Updated on September 28, 2011

Mercury is the planet that will most influence your communication style, being that it is the planet of communication. It's placement in your natal chart will determine the way it will affect your character and personality, being that every sign brings a different type of energy. Mercury in Taurus will have a distinct set of traits that will influence the way you think, the way you perceive others, the way you communicate and the way you learn. To find out more about this sign, please read on!

Time Takers!

Mercury in Taurus is almost the polar opposite of Mercury in Aries. The latter is famous for making snap, rash decisions, whereas the former will take their sweet time (and then some!) before coming to a conclusion about anything. They will want to consider all the possibilities from every angle before making a final decision on the smallest of things. And once they've made that mind up? It's pretty much set in stone! Sure, you could probably convince them to change it, if you were able to show them irrefutable evidence that their first decision was wrong, but the thing is this -- they've likely already considered everything you could throw at them, which means it's very unlikely that they aren't already aware of your position, and even less likely that they don't have a specific reason for ruling it out. So if you're of a mind to sway their already-formulated decision, good luck with that!


The Sage Advisor

When other signs are in doubt, they tend to gravitate toward Mercury in Taurus for advice. This is because everyone knows that Taurus will not give a ruling based on anything half-baked. They will give only the best, wisest wisdom that you'd expect from a learned grandparent who has seen it all. For this reason, these people are often found in CEO positions or other types of work where they are frequently called upon as consultants. They are very good listeners, and they retain everything in their mind and then refer back to ALL of it over and over again while they draw a conclusion. It may take a longish time before they reach that conclusion, but once they've shared it with you, it will resonate as a "great truth" somewhere deep inside of you.

Calm Communicators

Mercury in Taurus tends to communicate in a calm and even gentle manner. They are not highly excitable and will rarely throw a tantrum. (And if you've actually gotten them to that stage, wow, you must've really done something bad!) This is another reason people tend to gravitate to them, because they have a calming effect on even the craziest of people. They just always seem to know the right answer, and they almost always seem to know how to get control of an out of control situation. They are pretty much the parents of the zodiac, nurturing everyone in a controlled but gentle manner. They inspire great trust and respect and many people look up to them.


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