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Message Of The Week: It's Our Fault

Updated on April 23, 2010

We are taught of God’s Word never to commit acts that would bring a reproach on Jesus’ Name. Every act, thought, spoken word, should be in line with the character and teachings of the Lord. After seeing the reports of the acts of some Christians, makes me wonder about the calling and doctrine of these people, or if they read the Bible even at the basic level at all. These people are literally smearing God, and making it that much harder for earnest Christians to be an effective witness in the world.

The Word states that Christians should know who work among them. Every one saying they are of Christ, may not be of Christ. The Enemy, Satan has been known to infiltrate the congregation with “spies”, for the purpose of undermining the Body Of Christ in an attempt to hinder the growth of the Christian, and the Work of the Lord. In essence, not everyone who preaches, sings gospel songs, praises God is who he or she claims to be. I am reminded of these old World War II movies like Where Eagles Dare, starring Clint Eastwood. In order to destroy the enemy’s plan, Mr. Eastwood had to get inside the enemy’s citadel to do his damage, which meant that he had to dress like the enemy to be able to blend in with them, and remain undetected, then he could take care of business with none being the wiser. Christians are in a spiritual battle, and the Devil employs the same methods to carry out his plan of destroying God’s credibility in the world, even if it means working his evil from the inside.

Recently, the news has become inundated with reports of Christians gone wild, and these reports almost always involve ministers. The media is rife with reports of spouse beating, adultery, incest, child molestation and various ungodly deeds usually associated with the World, perpetrated by high and low-profile Christians. When the media gets wind of these deeds, they jump on it with both feet, because ever since Jesus walked on this planet, man has been trying to discredit God, and disprove the validity of the Bible and Christianity, and when certain Christians act as loose cannons in doing what they feel is right , and not first consulting God in prayer, and not being led by the Holy Ghost, just invites disaster.

These deeds go against the teachings of Jesus. Since Christians were first named at Antioch, (Acts 11:26) many have suffered and died for the cause of Christ. They had to put up with adversity that some of us today have no idea. Christianity was literally born through the shed Blood of Jesus, and carried on through those that came after Him. And it is certainly with Christ in our minds and hearts that we should endeavor on a daily basis, to conduct ourselves rightly, being led by the Holy Ghost, exhibiting from the heart his Character in our lives. There’s a saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens in the Kingdom, should stay in the Kingdom, and not involve the world, except when it promotes the Gospel.

The world holds Christians to a higher standard than itself, and the world knows that Christians serve a Higher Power than itself, that’s why it’s trying to destroy the influence of the Church, but Jesus said “the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18) However, that does not mean it’s not going to try, and we do not have to supply the ammunition. We are trying to win people for Christ, not drive them away, and when we do ungodly deeds, it does just that - drive them away to seek other forms of spiritual enlightenment, be it religion, drugs or some other means.

We have all come short of God's Glory, and even some of us have committed sins while under the Blood, but we pray and encourage those who are earnest in their walk with the Lord, that He will help them overcome that sin whatever it is, while at the same time ask the Lord either to save or drive out those that would hinder the Gospel.

Finally, I want to thank all that have supported my hubs.  I haven't written for awhile, but this marks my return.  Pray for me.


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