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My Astral Experience

Updated on May 24, 2011
In a moment one can be there
In a moment one can be there

Personal Experience

Today there are many interesting books on Astral Projection, Out of Body and the likes. In absolute truth, I don't think one needs to do a seven year graduate; or read hundreds of pages in order to achieve the 'certificate of compliance'. Astral Projection is part of our original make up; we are spiritual beings. For some reason we have lost much of this ability. It might be due to materialistic demands, physical 3D world or the Old Catholic inquisitions. Whichever, in this 21st century Astral Projections and other non-physical experiences are again going to become part of our daily life.

There are a few very simple steps you need to master. The best way to describe the perfect stage for Astral Projection is that which you experience every day between being awake and falling asleep. There is a small few second window where you are able to experience a new world.

To consciously induce Astral Projection - as well as other spiritual experiences - you will need to know your own self. Once you start on this road of exploration you will be surprised to realise how little you know about yourself! This guide practical for beginners and as basic for even experienced.

Oh, boy this is the most difficult part. You have to be very comfortable; you have to relax every point in your body. To achieve this you should not have any discomfort. No itching, no need to scratch, move or twitch. Trying this you will first realize how much activity is going on in your body, how much noise there is around you and how uncomfortable you really are.

I would suggest a comfortable temperature - say 26 degrees Celsius, VERY quiet place and other than most people I suggest NO music or sounds. Sometimes one would not have a choice, you need music to filter out other noises.

First you relax (as well as you can) set your mind free and think of anything it wants to think about. After a minute or two, start to concentrate on your physical body to relax. Here I find the best to start from your toes; wiggle them and make sure they are relaxed, then your feet, ankles, calf muscles, knees, upper legs . . . go on until you reach the crown of your head. Now for a short while keep on concentrating on your body, making sure you are totally relaxed.

Here is a personal tip: Often people will fall asleep on this stage, so during your initial practice I would suggest to have something in your hand, let you hand hang in such position that when you relax totally that object will fall. Doesn't use a very noisy item like coke can - something a little more delicate like a small pillow or cloth. Now you will feel more relaxed and refreshed. Maybe you need to do it two or three times before you can actually move on. Care must be taken to ensure self control - so it will need practice. You should prevent yourself from falling asleep, but you should not be startled so you jump right back to full consciousness.

Once you are successful to induce that state of semi-consciousness and remain there for at least a minute, you are ready to move on. The next stage is to relax your mind. Of all stages - this is the biggest problem. You need to focus your mind. Here I usually think of a beautiful place I have been, very tranquil environment and recall every feeling I had there. My personal favourite is some of the times I spend in the HangZhou gardens of China; especially during spring.

Then you bring the mind to start focusing on that experience you wish or place you want to go. Don't be scared when you feel yourself loosing weight, as if somebody is picking you up. Don't be scared when you realize you do not feel any physical being anymore. You are able to go anywhere in a moment of time. At first do not go away, stay with your own, learn the feeling, control emotions and watch yourself.

From here on, you are on your own. You can even move within yourself, you can meet with other people or beings. Try to find a being there that can guide you into this new world.

When you 'return' don't jump up and run around your physical world. Allow yourself to go on to a deep sleep and take a wonderful rest. If you do find yourself all the time falling asleep before you can control it; change the setting - do this when you wake up after a night of rest.

Once you started to master this Astral Projection, it will become easier, the more you do it the easier it will become. Eventually you would be able to 'take a trip' in almost any condition or place. You will have so many interesting experiences. For one thing that always amazes me is that you are in fact only a few seconds or as much as a single minute 'out' but your 'experience; feels like it lasted for hours. A day in the Astral existence is only a minute in the physical word; but an hour in the astral life is a lifetime in the physical world. Try to decipher that!

As for what you will observe; personally I never saw or experienced these strange dream fairly tale images you always see associated with Astral Projections. Maybe I just never went to another plane, I do not know. For me the astral experience was and is always related to the physical universe. Yes, there are other beings but they are part of that which is the normal in the Universe.

Lastly: This is part of our make-up; we are in the image of God. We are more spiritual beings than materialistic ones. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your new existence.


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    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 5 years ago

      Good hub. Some of our dreams are actually astral projections, and we really don't know where we go. There are other dimensions that we may explore. We have "sister" souls (or brothers, whatever you want to call the true soul mates from the oversoul). Have you ever waked up in a sister soul's body? The feeling doesn't last long. It usually appears as a dream and when you wake up, you are back to normal remembering the dream.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 6 years ago from Thailand

      Feeling the movement in body is not what I experienced. Ia rather feel all body sensation going away, like I am free form the body itself.

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Good explanation. I have read a few articles on astral travelling and must get on to trying it. Sometimes when I meditate I think I am about to go somewhere as I feel movement in my body.