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What Is Metaphysics?

Updated on February 26, 2014

Metaphysics generally asks “what is the world -- including us -- made of?” and “What is the ultimate substance?” (Boeree, History of Psychology, Metaphysics). Also, is there a relationship between the mind and the body?

Questions Remain

Till this day psychology has not been able to properly answer these questions. Theories such as monism and dualism have attempted to address the mind-body problem but have failed. This is certainly a most perplexing problem. In fact, I found myself asking the following question.

What Makes Us Work?

What makes my single mental thought result in my action of physically typing out this sentence? As Dr. Boeree in his article Metaphysics stated, “there’s no question that there will be neural activity, translated into muscular activity… But when, where, and how did that thought become a neural activity?” (Boeree, History of Psychology, Metaphysics).

The Ghost in the Machine

It may very well be that each person has a soul or a “ghost in the machine,” which connects this mind-body process. But is my single mental thought a result of my soul acting as a connector between my neural and muscular activity? Some may disagree but the fact remains that this mind-body problem still lies unanswered at “the very heart of psychology”.



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    • profile image

      Will 6 years ago

      I for one am a monist, and I think that there are some in the scientific community who would not consider this to be an open question any longer. For a really good, scientific treatment of the history of theories of the mind, I would recommend Stephen Pinker's The Blank Slate.