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Midnight at noon: The blind beside the ready...

Updated on June 25, 2017

If you don't work...

Paul mentioned in one of his epistles that if the church members didn't work they would not eat. This wasn't a practical solution to make people work. It was thought at that time the return of Christ was eminent and the people just quit what they did. Paul meant to motivate the people to work... while they stared to the east to hear a trump sound.

Thousands of years later as we 'eat, drink, and be merry', we find the elders have fallen, darkness is overwhelming, the youth are scattered, the people lukewarm. People are given in marriage from single sites. We are still holding on to not knowing when Christ is to return, hoping it is sooner than later purifying our hearts by immersing them in heaven and the great Revelations spoken of at the final turns of the Bible.

If we don't work... If we fail to provide salvation to our lost loved ones... If the coming darkness is not made aware to those who would rather stay than bow to Christ... If we as a people do not take up our cross, take up responsibility, rise within and stand...

... Then all else is lost. The blood would be on our hands. We will weep then as we do nothing now.

As chess pieces passing by: So is light and darkness...

Wisdom cries in the streets. But look at the streets. Look at the people in the streets. See the children. The stores their parents stroll them to. Quiet yourself and imagine the coming times. How we have forgotten the simper ones. Where are we? Where are we headed? It is a miracle to live as we do in this day and age. Listen to the salt of the servants. Notice the music from cars passing by. Take thought to the movies, even the "Christian based" ones which seem to draw a nectar from secular ideas. And the TV series, which seem to sap up years of our lives. The ungrateful youth with excess games and blue rays. Where are the pillars which stood to break the wind of darkness? How far have we gone for possessions? The want we have, has it been trickling through deeply clenched fists of money? How far would we go?

The sovereignty of God as hell and heaven cross

When night walks by day

Heaven and hell walk side by side. And imagine our youth in that confusion. Imagine trying to get off the fence, while trying to walk the walk on it's planks. Think about those fallen. Those who believe their legs have broken from all their falls trying to be cold. But when they arise they face lukewarm vomit. Trying to arise while those beside them are really beneath them pulling them below them. And those hot, off the fence on grass green with life watch those down, watching those straddled watching those who watching back longingly, angrily, struggling. Standing in contempt as lukewarm feels like a small nudge that slowly becomes an annoying itch. Hot, fire, love, glowing like embers within their own hearts... Embers seen from a distance, the hope of the lost...

When heaven and hell clash

Spoken Word: To the Bride of Christ by Poet Reason

The Bride of Christ and the spirit of the anti-Christ

When pawns fall.

The Body of Christ is the restraining force of God in this world. The enemy is said to have blinded the whole world. Without God's people, their prayers, their intercession, their obedience there would be no light on the hill. And the darkness in man would not be able to see through their eyes the gospel of Christ in action.

Face it, it will only get worse. And with every passing moment, we wrestle for our lives, our souls, our callings. We fail at a thousand things that a Heavenly Father simply asks...

When our loved ones fail to see the Christ in us.

We die. It is a part of life. Somehow life must find its way into our lost loved ones. It feels like our prayers are hindered, or our prayers are empty. It feels like the promises in the Bible seem harder rest in, stand on, or struggle for. Christ died why were yet sinners. We as man fall short of God's glory. Where is God? Where is the one who spoke to us in the midnight hour, rocking us to sleep with His angels, with His scripture. Where is the Faithful one? The El Shaddia, the All Mighty? Where is our Banner? Where is our Rapha Healer? Are our angels simply minister to us to find a good parking space, or do they wage war invisible as we sing the high praises? What of the hell we lost track of? And as we walk, what of the witness within us which longs to connect with others? Yes there is an end. But mostly is not the END of END what should be our motive?

Prayer: Lord send other's lost loved ones to us to help keep our focus on You as You do a work in them. Father, send angels to find this Hub page who will need it. Jesus, we rest in your promises being a yes and amen in You. In Your Name I pray. Amen.


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