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Mighty Ancient Pine

Updated on August 16, 2014

Pitys made a choice between her two lovers, Pan and Boreas, who was the wind of the North. In choosing Pan, because he was not as loud as Boreas, Boreas exercised revenge and tossed Pitys off a rock. Pan found her unresponsive, so he transferred her into a sacred tree, the Pine. Many gods of the ancient world have displayed their sacred views of this awesome evergreen. The sweetest of all the woods in many ways.

History And Legends

Though many Deity's revered the everlasting quality of the Pine, the best reference is displayed in the temple at Denderah, showing the dead Osiris immersed in a pine tree, supporting the belief that we come from the center of the Pine and in death we return. Much like the fig tree, the ancients believed the roots of the pine journeyed to the center of the earth and the branches reached up into the heavens. The Tree of Life!

Throughout history it is known that ancient cultures attached spirits to many different trees, but the Pine has always stood out in a silent and majestic way. As a coniferous tree, it remains green all season long, which gives way to the Pine representing immortality. This awesome green needle tree holds more resin than any other evergreen. Because of the pitch content in this wood, Pine has been used for building ships and barrels. The resin keeps the wood strong and pliable and waterproof. Just like human's moods can swing with the moon phases, the resin in the tree reacts to the moon's magnetic pull. The pinewood is at it most valuable when it is harvested during the waxing of the moon.


The Pine Cone

The fruit of the tree is herald as the "third eye". The pine cones' spiral construction represents both the rotation of the Earth on its axis and the Earth's rotation around the sun. Look at a pine cone long enough and you will see spiral lines in both directions. From the Egyptians to the Hindus and back to the ancient Assyrians, the pine cone has symbolized eternal life, enlightenment and the pineal gland where it is believed the soul resides. The pine cone is found on ancient sceptors, tombs and pillars throughout their cities. Even today a Roman built bronze statue, Pigna, standing 3 stories tall, of a pine cone fountain is now sitting in front the the Catholic Vatican in the Court of the Pine Cone. This fountain use to stand next to the temple of Isis in ancient Rome.

Healing And Fire

Healing properties of the pine are all about breathing and cleansing. The resin is excellent for inhalant issues, respiratory, expectorant, antibiotic and disinfectant. Existing three times longer than any other plant species on Earth, the mighty Pine is one of the most ancient of plants that still lives today.

Fire plays an important role in the life of the mighty Pines. Most pine cones will not open and release their seeds until they are heated. Some cones can retain their seeds and lay on the ground for over fifty years, until a forest fire releases them. Because the sap, aka resin, is highly flammable, it stands to reason that the Pine also symbolizes fire, protection and security as well as the spark within an individual.

If you find yourself walking through a forest in late autumn and you hear the noise of the North wind begin to blow, know the pine is weeping its tears of resin. Boreas blows hard and is pining for the lover that was never his and Pitys cries her tears of resin, dribbling down her soft bark. The mighty Pine.


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    • backporchstories profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Kentucky

      Yes, Pine sap has lots of medicinal uses and arthritis is one of them.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      From what I have heard, if I am correct the sap/resin can be combined with grease and the mixture can be used by people who have arthiritis.

      I had to climb a pine yeasterday and by the end, I had sap all over my hands - I love the smell, so refreshing! I got it on the leather seats of my car once and I never got it off ... lol

      I am more of a Cedar type of guy but I love all standing people!

      Thank You for another great article. : )

    • backporchstories profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Kentucky

      thanks.....there is alot of nature in our house!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      A very interesting hub about the pine tree. I have to admit that the pine is one of my favourite trees. I love not only the look but the energy it gives off and the feel of the bark and needles. I often have a couple of pine cones around the house as part of my nature displays that I love to have. I've also used them in mediation.

      Very enjoyable hub + voted up!


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