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Mile Markers and Milestones

Updated on February 18, 2016

The Road of Surrender

AND SO WE LIVE! | Source

Another Day

I awoke early to a blaring alarm clock, okay, so maybe it wasn’t blaring and truth be told I just didn’t want to give any attention to it. Perhaps it was because for the first time in quite a while my physical and emotional self, had finally synced and I was restful, but I had to start the day, as for me, today was a milestone day.


We are conditioned to go from point A to point B.

A good example of this truth is the placement of mile markers on our roadways. Each one is representative of where we came from and where we are headed. One can always revisit a particular marker and connect to its place on our path and the memories that go along with it. We can learn the mapping and follow it without too much attention to those markers, once we have traveled the road a few times. After the map is ingrained in our brain. We can call it up readily and the feelings of uncertainty or concerns of getting or being lost start to dissipate. There is a comfort that comes once a road has been traveled.


We place expectations on ourselves and others do the same. Often we assume we will know how to react to the turns in the road without even a glance at the map. Another issue arises when our expectations of milestones in life don’t live up to the reality of the situation. How often do we jump into something without the proper preparation? We sometimes become so stuck in the idea of where we are going, that we again lose the emphasis and importance of its meaning.

Is He Included?

Milestones are so important to all of us. We dream about them and imagine ourselves experiencing each one. When have we not reached a particular happening we sometimes get carried away with our vision of how it will be? How will I be when I get there? When will it be? It seems we are always looking ahead to the future. Wondering about the next big milestone. We have mixed emotions as they approach and often lose sight of what the true meaning of the event actually holds in spiritual truth. All our milestones, all of the events, are mapped out before we even plan to be a part of them. Each mile marker has been strategically placed to get us to where we’re headed. Why do we not recognize our milestones have been pre-set by our creator? Are we so full of excitement or anxiety that we forget to place God on our guest list? Do we neglect to give Him a seat in our car or a ticket for the plane? Do we move Him to the side and leave Him out of our conversations? Do we forget He has charted our way and He is our map?

Milestones and Relationship

Our relationship with Christ is similar to the milestones and mappings of our life. Once we have been down the path and met the marker or event, the uncertainty is gone, the lost feeling is no longer, things become safe and familiar and easily recalled. God’s love and word are like those mile markers and milestones in life. His teachings remind us of where we have been and more importantly where we are going. We can lose sight of our path at times and slip off course, but the truth remains, that our path is set for the perfection of self to glorify Him. He allows the experience of our milestones. The same anxieties or excitement that surround each event are used to create a memory to be recalled as a stepping-stone for our growth. What good is it to prepare for the birth or adoption of a child and then not be just as excited at the opportunity to raise that child? Should one not go through every hill and valley with the same zeal and anticipation of the arrival of a little bundle? What good comes from being so excited to graduate in life and then not use the skills that got you a certain degree of knowledge? Why would a marriage be important if it is about the party and desires and not ultimately the commitment to the Christ-centered walk together, perfecting one another for Him and His Kingdom? Why even take one step on the map of life here on earth without calling on Him first for direction?

My Latest Milestone and My interpretation

My latest milestone was one I did not look forward to. I had not imagined it or prepared for it. It was in many ways one I did not want to celebrate. It was my two-hundredth treatment for a strange disease that at times has left me in bewilderment. As humanly disappointed for the need for medicine and regular hospital visits to maintain my current road-map, the spiritual healing and anticipation of the blessings of each day are truly a gift and celebration.

All milestones are not anticipated and yet at the same time, a blessing when seen for their purpose to His plan. The wisdom He bestows upon those that intervene on our destiny, along with His roadmap, is how we move from point A to point B. He is responsible for allowing a continued course toward our final destination with Him.

I am grateful for every day that was not expected and every milestone still met along the way. I am blessed to persevere and learn from the suffering of my pure example in Christ. Blessed to know that my Father in heaven has allowed every circumstance and will use it for His good. He brings me to every mile marker and allows me to pass each one along the way. I am closer today to understanding the road-map and each mile marker. Because of the bumps in the road, I have sought solace in Christ and His perfect word and road-map.

I assure you this is not a pity party, I may have thought it as such in years past after say the fiftieth treatment. Now, however, I see my life as a testimony of His grace. To even be able to say, “ I am here” is a sampling of His grace. Having survived the mile markers on the road I travel is a miracle many times over. I need to claim pure admiration for the power of God.

After each moment of unsteadiness in our lives, He is there. Many times He is so close we want for His hand to pull us closer, however, it is not for our purpose that He allows the passing of a mile marker or the experience of a milestone. It is truly not about our milestone!

God’s Timing

He will decide the last milestone for each of us and the timing of returning to our heavenly home. Be excited about the revealed knowledge He has bestowed upon your course. Be excited to serve in ways He sees fit and eager to share His roadmap with all who desire to explore the same road trip toward heaven.

I am sure when Christ was born He could have lived like us, somewhat selfishly. He could have shown His concern with the impending future more often. He could have chosen to take a fork in the path and abandon God’s will for His life. However, He did none of those things. He lived His life in complete obedience to His Father. He had emotion and anger and even wished His cup away, but ultimately He surrendered all to the pure will of His Father.

In Conclusion

When we bond together in relationship to the word of God and experience worship together we are ignited and set on fire for the joy of living a life full of the Holy Spirit. I pray we continue to seek Him as we pass the mile markers and that we remember His map and recall His powerful direction bringing others to Him. I pray that we unite in the living of a selfless life in surrender to His path above all desires. I pray we take the path following the markers He has set by the spilling of His blood for our sins. I pray that as the Body of Christ, His Church, we hold one another to His map and in the darkness shine a light so bright that all can find their way!


Roman 5:3-5

Isaiah 42:16

Matthew 5:16

2 Thessalonians1: 3-11

Peace in your stages


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