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Miles to go before I sleep!

Updated on October 9, 2011

Entire mountain range to be lifted-Baba

During the incarnation of Sri Krishna, the hill "Govardhana giri" was lifted to save the people of Gokulam and the cattle from deluge. In this incarnation, "an entire mountain range has to be lifted" said Baba. In those days, those who disturb the peace and harmony of the people can be counted by the fingers of hand. Hence, by slaying those demons, peace was restored in the world. But, during the present incarnation, almost all people possess demonic tendencies. If the Avatar choose to annihilate, none would be left and hence in this incarnation, evil doers will be corrected and transformed to adhere to moral path. Authentic statements such as this were never pronounced so clearly during the life time of a divine incarnation. Saibaba says, "how one can announce his identity excepting through the powers inherent in the Avatar. He said, that is the reason why I have assumed a form and appearance with all the powers and knowledge from the birth itself. But the world is not yet ready and hence I do not exhibit my powers unless it is warranted. If God comes in the form of Mahavishnu with four hands etc., you will put him as an exhibit and start collecting money and hence i have come in an ordinary form but with full powers.

In His entire life, Saibaba never visited any overseas countries physically except East Africa during the 60s. Idul Amin was the dictator ruling the country. Baba's visit had a sublime effect on the people of Kampala, Uganda and other places. People eagerly awaited for the Lord, waiting for hours together without caring for bodily discomforts. As his wont, Saibaba called several native villagers for personal audience. No translators were there. Baba has spoken to them in their native tongue, i.e., Swahili. Every body was wonder struck how Baba could talk to them in their own language. When an European devotee enquired this, Baba told him, that he do not enter into their mind and come back to talk to them. He said, "I am the residence of their Heart. Everyday i converse with them during their innermost prayers and it is no wonder that i could talk their language. Rest in next hub.

Saibaba in His teens.


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