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Mind abiding nowhere is the aim of spirituality!

Updated on February 19, 2016

Chinmoy quotes.

When all thoughts cease, we are nearer to goal.

I heard one expression, ‘mind abiding nowhere’. I was contemplating on this statement. How is it possible? What will be the state like? If we look at the quality of the mind, ‘it wants always to cling to some thought over something. How it will remain blank? Since the mind relies on a body for its survival, it cannot keep quiet even for a single moment. This is the experience of all the people of the world.

May be, the sages and saints are capable of a ‘thoughtless state”. Since the mind is nothing but thoughts, how can we define a thoughtless state? Is it like the place where there is no flow of air? We all know that the mind is incapable of keeping quiet even for a moment. For ordinary worldly people, who are immersed in materialistic pursuits, this is simply not possible. Imagine a lake, which is serene and everyone can look clearly at the bottom of such serene lake clearly. There are no waves or bubbles. In a similar manner, a sage is aware and he can see the things in true focus. Truths hidden at the bottom is crystal clear to him. Mind makes the inner conscious a ‘muddle’ due to constant agitations, wavering nature. It is like the leaves of a Ashwin tree whose leaves quiver without any reason. It will be quivering even if there is no breeze. The horse is also of similar nature. It will not keep quiet even for a moment. It will always move its various limbs involuntarily. Only an elephant is capable of standing like a statue.

The scriptures talk high about the ‘thoughtless state’. In this state, a spiritual practitioner goes very near to the self, since the mind is absent. In fact, all scriptures hold this position in high esteem. If somebody is able to remain without arising of any thoughts for a considerable time, he actually reaches near the “Samadhi” state wherein the individual self remains centered on the supreme self. But, ordinary people imagine this state as though something has gone wrong and hence they fear to lose their mind. We imagine it is blank state which may resemble ‘insanity’. But the sages declare that out of all madness, god madness is the most desirable one. Every one of us are mad after many things in the world like the family, property, wealth, fame, status and position. Leaving all this madness, if one could focus only on God, he will enjoy peace. But worldly pursuits will invariably bring distress ultimately.

In the world, there were many emperors who amazed vast swath of land, ruled over many regions, subduing the small states etc. Have they enjoyed peace and joy? NO. Even the Alexander the great finally left the world after conquering most of the regions of the world. When he tried to conquer India and he was entering the borders, he confronted a recluse who was sleeping on a pathway oblivious of all the hullaballoo, the horses and warriors made. One soldier commanded the recluse to move away! Don’t you know that the army of great Alexander is reaching this place? The recluse was unconcerned and he has not replied. At that time, Alexander reached there and watching the scene. He said, ‘why don’t you move away? My soldiers will kill you! The saint simply said, ‘he cares the least”. Alexander was quiet astonished and got down from his horse and prostrated before the recluse who never feared for his life. He saw the futility of entering into a great country where people never bother about life or death! Instantly, he retreated from the place, never to return. This is the power of spirituality.

The saint is aware that all the scenes are mere illusions in front of the Atma. He knew none can kill the Atma since the Atma is indestructible by any weapon, the fire can’t burn it, nor the water wet it. It has no birth or death. It ever exists, all knowing, ever remain in Bliss. Hence, it is called “Eternal”. Bodies will take birth and die but the Atma is immortal. Hence none could cause any harm to the culture of India in spite of many invasions, and colonial rule for almost two centuries. Still, the great culture attracts many eminent people from many countries to seek the wisdom contained in the scriptures of India, the Veda, the Upanishads, various epics etc. Hence these traditional texts have been translated in many European languages! Many incarnations happened in India since the ancient traditions were practiced assiduously for the past many centuries in each aeon. India is like the spiritual Engine and all other countries could be considered as carriages attached to the powerful Engine of Wisdom!

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