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Mind is the origin of this universe!

Updated on March 2, 2014

Illusions and mind!

How the mind fools us?

It is quite complex to investigate the mind. But we have got certain clues. The power of mind can be understood while we are in dream state. What causes dream? It is during sleep, we dream! What happens to the person who dreams? He is lying in the bed unaware of his surroundings. Suddenly there is a dream world which contain dream bodies and feelings. All this happens while the body is lying like a log of wood on the bed. Who creates the dream experience? It is the culprit called 'mind'. During sleep while dreaming, the mind is active and it never rests. Only in deep sleep state, the mind become one with the self and remains at rest. Hence this experience is felt by the person only after he wakes up. He says, that he had slept nicely and he had a pleasant invigorating feeling. The mind is quite capable of creating a universe within our conscious which is an illusory experience. There is a term called 'day dreaming'. Even during the waking state, we tend to day dream!

In some of my hubs, i have mentioned that the mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts! If we are able to remove all the thoughts, then there would be no mind at all. When all the threads in a piece of cloth is removed, there will be no more cloth. The threads too owe their existence only to cotton. Hence fundamentally every cloth is only cotton! We perceive the world only through the mind. Bereft of the mind, none can recognize the world. Sometimes we will be deeply engaged in some task and we won't be aware what is happening around us. Sometimes, we will be thinking about some problems in the office while watching TV. If somebody asks, what is shown in the TV< the reply will be a blank look. Our eyes were watching the TV, The input has not reached our conscience since the mind is engaged in some other thought. Hence, it is very much clear, that the mind is the vital link between the individual and the world! People throng to Yoga and meditation courses in order to get free from the maddening mind which is the cause for all the problems we face! Pleasure and pain are felt only by the mind and not the brain. Brain is just like the central processor unit. It is the individual who views the output through a monitor. Here, the mind is like the interface without which no details can be perceived by the user of the computer.

We have mental asylums every where. Who are admitted there? Only the mentally deranged people seek admission there. How they are identified. Mostly, their mind will be non-focused. The mind looses its concentration. It moves in several directions or moving round and round, obsessed with a single thought. If their mind perception is normal, they won't be there. Also the research on health states that most of the diseases are caused only due to the mind. It may be excess desires, excess anger, excess hatred and other extreme conditions which causes various diseases of stomach and liver. Anger causes blood pressure and stress causes diabetes.Few diseases are due to genes. Hence, if one is able to control the mind and emotions, he won't be affected by any major diseases!

In the above paras, we have read about the capabilities of the mind in causing dreams, creating dream world and persons etc. If the mind is capable of creating a dream world, why not the seen world is the fancy of the mind? Here, i would like to give one more example. It is twilight time when visibility is poor. A passerby going somewhere suddenly stops in fear. What he has seen? He has visualized a snake coiled in the center of the road. Cautiously, he stops moving further, lest the poisonous creeper bites him. He finds another man waking behind carrying a lantern or torch light. He stops the man stating, there lurks a poisonous snake; do not move forward. Out of curiosity, the second man focus the torch to the place where the snake it coiled. Suddenly he bursts into laughter. "Oh! it is only a coir. You need not fear. March on says the second man! There are two factors. All along there was only a coir. Due to poor light, it was visualized as a snake. Hence, the snake is an imagination of the onlooker.What caused his fear? It is the poor light which made him to come to a conclusion that a snake is lying. Hence it is his mind which created fear due to poor light. When light is focused, the truth is clear.

Likewise, there is no universe at all. There is only the Self! The mind hides the self and superimposes the world over the Self. Thus we are fooled by the mind and hence the mind is considered as the origin of the universe!


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