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Mind the mind!

Updated on July 3, 2014

The effects of food on the mind (thoughts)

The mysteries of the mind!

The mind is very peculiar. None can gauge its stratagems and trappings. Once you give in to the whims and fancies of the mind, it is impossible to come out of its clutches. Many people unfortunately believe that the mind is a best friend, guide and philosopher. On the contrary, the mind is of cunning nature and always desires for the comforts and pleasures of the body with which it is associated. Many people say, ‘my mind….’ But factually, it is a misconception. There is no my mind or your mind. It is simply ‘mind’. Can you claim the sky as ‘my sky or your sky’? It is ridiculous. It is simply sky only. But the mind is subtler than the sky and possesses the speed which is not measurable. It is faster than the speed of light. For instance, you will be thinking about the problems at home and the next moment, it thinks about some one in US or other far off places.

What is the mind stuff made of? The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. None knew wherefrom those thoughts originate or where it goes? Sri Sathya Saibaba has pointed out that the thoughts arise due to food and environment! Of course, we can not apply brakes to the thought process! With more fury, it will come back. Then what is the remedy? How to control the thoughts and tame the mind? These are some of the important questions dealt by psychiatrists, psychologists and spiritualists. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian independence has started experimenting with Truth! He has written his autobiography and it was a master piece! For controlling the thoughts and feelings, Gandhi started with food. He ate peanuts, drank goat milk and thus he spent many days on the simple diet. Gandhi found that he was able to control his desires and feelings easily and he was able to do his work without any attachment. He was a great devotee of Ram, the famous incarnation. He used to chant the name of Rama incessantly and when an assassin pumped three bullets on the frail chest of Gandhi, he uttered only Ram, Ram and Ram and fell dead. Such was his implicit faith on the name of God. Many people are aware of the non-violent methods Gandhi adopted in achieving Independence from the British rule. His only weapon against the British is Non-violence which brought freedom to the country from foreign rule!

As I said above, Gandhi found that there is an intimate connection between the food we consume and the nature of feelings and thoughts one think. Hence, the sages and saints of ancient India practiced meditations for long hours during day and night simply consuming fruits and fibers available in forests. They drank butter milk which gave them sustenance. They ate nuts and grains to give them strength. They achieved oneness with the Self after practicing incessant meditations. Hence, the mind in a way will aid concentration, if the thoughts are slowed down by consuming simple and sustaining vegetables and green leaves. Only the demons in the jungle consumed raw meat and drank intoxicating liquids. Hence those demons were passionate and full of anger. Again, it was Sri Rama who has slain many of those cruel demons and saved the sages and saints from the atrocities of those demons. When Sita, the consort of Rama was kidnapped by one such demon Ravana, she was retrieved after a severe battle between Rama and Ravana. Hence, we should cultivate good thoughts by eating soft foods which are not fried or frozen. Fresh food is always conducive to health. To eat a cooked meal after six hours is forbidden in the scriptures since it will induce our low desires! Those who intend to lead a virtuous and moral life must adopt vegetarianism which will aid control of the mind and senses!


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