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Mine and myness!

Updated on April 11, 2013

The great pillar of Unity of all Religions at Prasanthi Nilayam!

A nice story told by Saibaba!

Every one of us is aware of the meaning of these simple terms, 'mine and myness'. In a nutshell, this describes pure selfishness. This is the reason for all the grief and tragedy we face in life. Straight from childhood, we are taught about this greediness. Parents unknowingly inculcate in the mind of innocent children, possessiveness by teaching them about their own toys, pencils and crayons, notebooks and multitude of things. Parents themselves were ignorant of the perils of 'selfishnes'. In fact the psychiatric wards, the world over is filled with persons who are obsessed with the two terms 'mine and myness' Scriptures and spirituality teach us to abandon this selfish nature. The world today needs people who are selfless and enjoy sharing their resources with the poor and downtrodden. All the wars of the world are faught due to the clinging to 'mine and myness'

Let us examine this terms deeply. The very first thought in every human being is 'i'. This small 'i' has been selected by me to differentiate it from the big "I" which represents the Self or God. The small 'i' is the individual ego. Yes, Ego gets and forgets whereas the Self gives and forgives! This is the vital difference between the ego and the Self! All the people in the world wants to grab and they are not prepared to give. They feel that the five fingers given by God is meant for holding and grabbing. In one of my previous hubs i have stated that 'It is easy to relinquish than hold! Holding something in your palm with fingers closed needs effort whereas letting the thing go out of your hold is easy and you become free. It is sad that man not only holds many things with his hands but he carry them in his mind forever. For instance, you want to purchase a land or house for your personal use. Till you actually purchase the property, you do not relinquish it from your conscious mind. Once you acquire the house, your ego is greatly boosted. You go on displaying your house to friends, relations and neighbors. Now let me ask a pertinant question. Are you the owner of the house? For how long you are going to retain it?

Before answering this question, i would like to narrate a fine story told by Saibaba to a gathering of devotees. He said, "One wealthy person wanted to build a very beautiful mansion for his use. He consulted renowned Architects and explained his idea to them. It should be superb. It should not be a copy of any mansion recently constructed elsewhere. He was ready to pay the Architects, the best compensation for a brilliant plan and elevation. To earn a substansive amount, the Architects produced a blue print for the dream mansion. They used all their skills to draw an unique mansion constructed nowhere! The wealthy man was immensely pleased with the plan and elevation with architectural facades and domes with the finest colors to please the eye of all. The Engineers then sprang into action. Within a year, a beautiful heavenly mansion was ready. Those who saw the buidling coming up, marvelled at the beauty and front elevation, the positioning of arcades, ballconies, beautiful bay windows and exquisite doors specially designed for the mansions. The fittings were superior and every thing was glittering in the morning Sun. After consulting famous astrolegers and vasthu experts, the wealthy man fixed an auspicious time for inauguration of this mansion by a saintly person!

The saint has conceded to open the mansion at the fixed hour. All invitees and guests arrived. There were colorfull fastoons, green leaves, rangoli drawings on the floor. The interior lighting matched the colors of floors and walls. None could open their mouth to offer any comment about this beautiful mansion. Then the wealthy man invited the saint to cut open the ribbon as a mark of housewarming cermony. He accompanied the saint to all the rooms and halls, porticos and balconies and offered him nice sweet dishes as a mark of hospitality. Then the wealthy man asked the saint, "Revered Sir, Just now you have made this mansion auspicious by your august presence. Now please tell me, "Are there any defects in this building?

The Saint smiled over the question posed by his host. He told him "Oh Dear! As far as the construction and finishing, i do not see any defects as such. But still there are two major defects! The wealthy man was bewildered at the comments of the saint. He prostrated before him and requested him to tell him the defects so that he will rectify them at any cost! The saint smiled again and told the host, Oh Dear! It is not within your capacity to rectify them! 1. It is certain that one day you will have to depart from this mansion! 2. It is also certain that one day the buidling will wither away due to natural forces! The wealthy man understood the Truths and begged the pardon of the saint for his big Ego and pride! Those who assembled there imbibed a great lesson on that day!

Hence the terms 'mine and myness' are relevant as long as life lasts in this body. Once the breath ebbs away, "Which of the possessions will belong to you? Not a grain of sand we can carry except the effects of our good and bad deeds!


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