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Miracle Spring Water Only Makes You Pee

Updated on November 7, 2011

I Couldn't believe my eyes

This past Sunday I found myself checking out the morning ministries on BET (Black Entertainment Television). First thing I watched was your standard Southern Baptist preaching at a very high energy and delivering an ironic message of self-reliance. The preacher was black, the choir was black and everyone in the audience was black. To be honest, aside from my problems with organized religion, I couldn't find an issue with the program. So I'm about to switch over to the news right until I hear a familiar voice... I couldn't believe it! HE'S BACK!!!! Peter Popoff, is back pimping his hands of healing to the masses. His offer is a bit of "miracle spring water" that comes in a tiny plastic tube. If you drink it by following the instructions, god will give you a supernatural money transfer into your account and erase your debt. How dumb can people be!? To make matters worse, in order for the water to do its thing, you first need to give Popoff a little seed money just to let god know your serious. Absolutely amazing that he can work this con. I took note of this infomercial because this time around his audience was decidedly different than before.

Yep, he's the guy who screams "GIVE ME THE CRUTCH"

Don't accept checks from this man.
Don't accept checks from this man.

How did he do it!?!?!

How did Peter Popoff get what looked like 5000 black people together to be "healed" by his hand? I specifiy black people because, honest, it was nothing but black people. The only white people were Peter, his wife and some guy impersonating Rick Moranis. Check out BET around 8 in the morning on Sunday if you don't believe me. So this presents two problems for me; the first being obvious, the second not so much.

So Peter Popoff is working his "magic" again. What can you do, the guy either believes he is truly this divine or he knows he's a con and will listen to you tell him about it on his way to the bank. While he doesn't represent all people of faith, he is exactly why belief in these imaginary beings is dangerous. It simply creates an avenue for people to be immoral. Sadly, Popoff is a mild case, look at the kid who wanted to be a neo-templar, or the guy who kild Dr. Tiller. Religion brings out the worst in people, which is why I do what I do.

Second, I have a real problem with BET. One of the sad things of my country is our contradicting histroy. The so called founding fathers adopted a constitution in which "all men" were created equal, yet they owned slaves and women were second class. And to this day, despite all our progress, we still suffer from that contradiction. So why is BET letting a white man intentionally and maliciously use god to take advantage of the black community? How much money do they get for that infomercial? Is it worth selling out the people you are fighting for? I get it, its not BET's fault that people can be gullible. But it is there fault that they allow this scam artist to take advantage of people, a very SPECIFIC people, and do so in the name of the god that they promoted just one program earlier.

So I ask in this rant that only a few people will notice. I ask BET, too TAKE DOWN! that unholy program... MAKE THE DEVIL MAD! SHOW THE DEVIL HE CAN'T WIN! Amen. I want you to RAISE the holy spirit in ridding this evil. And cancel Peter Popoff before he does anymore damage. That was my best attempt at typing a Popoff like sermon. Amen!


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    • profile image

      Grace Teal 22 months ago

      I Also Fell For His Scam Sent Him A Money Order For Twenty ONE Dollars

    • profile image

      Maria Gill 2 years ago

      Hi, I also fall into the same gullible category when it comes to Peter Poppoff ministries. So far, I have been getting letters after letters for the past couple of months and I've given him 2 seed gifts and nothing happens, zero, no results, nothing lol. Same day, same nights, I'm so fed up in believing with worldly people and thimgs that from now on, I'm going to bin all his letters and thanks for listening...

    • profile image

      Sherry Cook 3 years ago

      He was just on

      I googled him to see truth- about water. Thank you for your info.

      You don't need water/sand/salt- shipped to you. Prayer to God The Lord & fairh in Jesus! Is all you need.

    • profile image

      glenda 3 years ago

      Its on TCL right now. This is crazy . SCAM

    • profile image

      draja polite 3 years ago

      I pray that God will help me and my family move in a new house or apartment to live in and be happy Agin in the the name of Jesus Aman

    • profile image

      Taylor Joffrion 3 years ago

      Oh and might I just add --- his 2006 IRS return showed his earnings to be in the upwards of 23 MILLION DOLLARS. Sick

    • profile image

      Taylor Joffrion 3 years ago

      This clown's infomercial is on right now!! So i looked into this guy and it gets so much worse. ABC news did a story on a desperate God fearing mother with two very sick sons who was sucked in immediately. First you get the "free" miracle water..which comes with very strict instructions to 1. Sleep with it the first night. 2. Drink it immediately after waking up. 3. Pray over the empty little bag. 4. Then, mail it back to Popoff, along with $17.00. There's more. Later you will receive MIRACLE HEALING sand...from the Dead Sea...tests concluded it wasn't a match for Dead Sea sand...but it aas for plain ole' tablesalt. Well this came with the instructions to eat the sand with your dinner for three days and then once again, mail the empty baggy back to Popoff to receive your promised miracles....THIS TIME please inclue $27.00. Later, you are asked for a $200.00 contribution to prove your obediance to God....

      The desperate mother gave him over 500 dollars within a year. No miracles.

      You are ABSOLUTELY right, BET should be ashamed of themselves. Desperate people will do desperate things. I'm sure they could find a program that REALLY could help those poor people.

    • profile image

      DAR 3 years ago

      I would like to see poopoff go to any children's hospital

      and heal just one of those little kids with cancer or other

      crappy illness they don't deserve. Then I will believe in him!

      Until then, he's a freak that will burn in hell!

      GOD is watching!!!

    • profile image

      brittany 4 years ago

      the only miracle that comes from water is a nice long visit to the potty this man is a fake and a scam. These are the type of ppl working for the devil,only true believers know the truth about this man and can see thru these lies!

    • profile image

      Maria P. 5 years ago

      I just got done watching this bs on was THAT? & that blonde lady who was that? His wife? She was mouthing the same words as the person she was talking to....they were both reading a TelePrompTer or some crap. This is seriously a slap in the lords face. If anything he is pissed that someone is walking around down here trying to be him selling 'miricle spring water' & telling people they are magically going to get $70,000 in the mail. What a joke.

    • profile image

      David 5 years ago

      Miracle spring water what's is it suppose to do????

    • profile image

      TOO SMART FOR THIS 5 years ago

      don't fall for this crap. ita a ponzi sceme! if you don't know, google it. don't let someone use god to steal your money!!!!!!!!!!! Its between you and god and that's why you only get an automated recording and can't leave any comments cause it is a SCAM!!!!

    • profile image

      Jan 5 years ago

      The spring water & the book is supposed to be free. What is the catch? I know that God does work because I'm a walking miracle. I had a car accident in 96 and went through the windshield and landing in the river and I was unconscious, I had a very bad concussion, if God hadn't been with me, I would have died that day. I'm sorry Mr. popoff, if things happen it's not your miracle water but God working. I went on his website and there isn't a place where you can leave a comment. What a Joke!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Samantha 5 years ago

      This is a great article, I totally agree with everything you have said. I am angry with BET for allowing this program because I feel in my heart that it's demonic. I will not let him come on my television while I am sleep. If I hear it, I wake up immediately and turn the station. I don't trust him AT ALL! He is just proof that anyone can buy airtime but most of all anyone can bullshit in the name of the LORD which is disrepectful and disgusting to say the least.

    • Tara4 profile image

      Tara4 6 years ago

      I found this really interesting to read, even though I have never heard of Peter Popoff myself. It is so sad to me sometimes what goes on in the name of God, but I found your hub entertaining.

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 6 years ago

      And I always thought there was wonder working power in the blood - who knew it was water, all this time.

    • jocylean profile image

      jocylean 6 years ago from Southern Tier, NY

      I just had a thought after writing this. What if people are receiving divine transfers? It wouldn't be too bad of an idea for him. Have people give seed money by transfering it from their account into Popoff's. Since he has everyone's bank account he can then randomly transfer money and have testimonials that his water actually works!!!! So what he has to give up some of the profits. How powerful would it be to have someone insisting and show you that they received an amazing amount of money out of nowhere! I wonder if that's the trick or if he just pockets everything and will ride this train till it stops