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Real Miracles In My Life

Updated on June 2, 2017

Miracles are evident and are more than possible with God.

Unfortunately I think that most people do not believe in miracles. They do not believe in the unexplainable. I am not one of those people as I lived, watched and was part of one taking place. It has changed my life forever and it is something that I will hold close to my heart until my very last day. It is an incredible blessing. We need to try to come to the realization of God's incredible, undying and amazing love. He can do anything at any time. When He shows up in our lives amazing things happen and most times they are things that cannot be humanly even explained. That is the miracle of our God. That is ultimately the love of our God. It is immense. It is beyond compare. It is second to none.

Tribulation will be present in all of our lives. You can pretty much be assured of such. Storms will be present. Sometimes sorrow will take over our existence. Sometimes God wants to see the extent of our faith. Is it strong like we think or is it actually quite weak? We do not discover that strength in times of prosperity and joy but rather discover that faith in times of sorrow, pain, despair, trouble and tribulation. My family has had many of these times but one that certainly stands out was the illness of my Dad. It was a difficult time yet God was present. He never left our sides. Not ever.

It was 1967 and I was a year old. My two sisters were 13 and 11 respectively and my brother was 7 years old. I was blessed to be raised in a family of believers. That faith was about to be tested to the limits. My Dad began to experience great fatigue and great pain. After several tests and a very lengthy hospital stay it was discovered that he had Hodgkins Lymphoma. In those days that was basically a death sentence. Medicine was still quite primitive compared to today. They did not have any miracle pills or antidotes. There were no miracle drugs or treatments available. Chemo therapy had not even really been invented yet. The doctors and the hospital basically sent him home to die. It seems though God had a different plan in mind. However, Dad would have to first endure this terrible disease. He became bed ridden, stopped eating and went down to around 80 pounds losing more than 100 pounds. He was often delirious and in great pain. I spent most of my toddler years looking at him in that bed and wondering would he ever get out of it. We all prayed together often and sometimes my Dad would say out loud "Lord give me another ten years!" God must have heard his plea. Dad was sick for nearly two years. It was a very difficult time for our family. It was especially difficult on my Mom. I do not recall this holiday but my siblings remember it very vividly. One Thanksgiving we spent at White Coffee Pot Junior Diner. They said my Mom cried the whole day. I was in a high chair at this time.

One of the other tasks I learned as a little guy was carrying fresh squeezed orange juice up the stairs to my Dad. It was the only thing that he consumed. It was indeed the only nourishment that he received. I held tight to the glass and knew that it was like gold. My Dad was dying and I knew at least temporarily that this was helping to keep him alive. Most of these times were very sad but somehow some humor got mixed in. For instance, each Sunday the priest would come and administer the last rites. One Sunday, Monsignor O Dwyer came dressed in all white. My Dad in his delirium said, "God, is that you?" No, God was not quite ready for my Dad not yet anyway. As the time proceeded we were basically just waiting for him to pass. Then, it happened, Dad woke up and exclaimed to all of us, "I'm hungry, I want pancakes!" We all kind of looked at each other rather stunned and my Mom started to cry. She then went downstairs and began making his pancakes. He ate every bite. Dr. Jesus showed up. Over time my Dad began to gain weight, get stronger and also started to walk around. We got our Dad back. Even to this very day I have personally never seen anyone so close to death come back to life. Dad went back to work and he taught me so very much. Mostly he talked about, "The Good Lord." He taught me about Jesus. Obviously his job was not finished. He asked for 10 years and God blessed him with 15 years. He died of a different cancer in 1982. In those 15 years my parents were consumed with paying it forward and did everything in their power to do just that. Even though I certainly mourned his passing and still do to this very day, I realized that God gave me those special years as an incredible gift. I have been so blessed to have incredible parents.

So if someone inquires of my faith or my belief I can simply say that I have lived it. God has made it so very obvious to me. He has shown me exactly what He is capable of and I can tell you that it is completely and thoroughly awesome. Usually I end up in complete awe of the amazing God that we do indeed have. He is right there. Try to do your best and not miss Him. He loves you so much!

God bless always.


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