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Miracles are my calling cards-Saibaba

Updated on January 8, 2012

With golden Linga emanated from mouth!

What purpose is served by miracles?

Miracles are my call cards. But people attach much importance to miracles. First, one is attracted to miracle and goes to Prasanthi Nilayam. After reaching there, he listens to the Divine discourses by Saibaba. His teachings pull a chord in our Heart. Whenever we find time, we want to go there and listen to Him or read his various books. Saibaba explains this in a different way. He says “From Chamatkars(miracles) one is led to Sakshatkar(Realization) provided he stick to the Teachings and follow it perfectly. Hence the miracles serve the purpose of attraction.

Again Saibaba says, He has not come to start a new religion. He has come to show the age old path which is hidden by bushes and shrubs due to nonuse. Only when we travel on a path more frequently, the road or path will remain. If people do not travel along the path and stop using it, it will be hidden by the shrubs and vegetation. Hence in a way, he is ancient but adopts modern methods to teach us. He says, if you are a Christian, follow the tenets of your religion more vigorously and become a perfect Christian. Hence he had come to make everyone to follow their own religious beliefs with more faith and interest. It is no wonder that people from all regions, who profess various religions and speak different languages converge there every time. The teachings of all Prophets and Saints of various religions are applicable to entire Humanity since they teach about Love, Tolerance, brotherhood, non-violence etc. These are but human virtues everyone should develop to live in this world peacefully and amicably.

Hence, those who consider Him as a miracle man should read his speeches before coming to any conclusion about Him. Time and again, we have seen that the world gives birth to many great minds such as Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Buddha and Zorashtra. In those lines, Shirdi Saibaba and his next incarnation Sathya Saibaba occupies important positions. The present age is the age of Materialism and people gives importance to acquisitions and Power. They feel that the affluent will command great respect in this world. But we have seen the Life of many powerful Emperors and dictators. Where are they now? Hence, in this ephemeral world, nothing is permanent. Also, the experiences one undergoes are also momentary. Even our own kith and kin do not follow us. We came alone in this world and we have to depart alone. None accompanies us nor can we carry a handful of dust from here. Now the pertinent question is “Whether our life exists in a particular birth? Whether we cease with the death of the body?

Scriptures in Hinduism answer those questions. Our life in this earth does not end with a particular birth. We are evolving from birth to birth. Also we are not sure that we had a human birth previously. The scriptures reveal us that our journey on this earth has started with many births from birds, animals, reptiles etc. After many births through the lower species, one advances to higher species like human birth. In the human birth also, we advance to the higher intelligence through many experiences, many ups and downs. We mature in wisdom after many births and one day we will reach the pinnacle and get released from this cycle of births and deaths. Hence we should never waste our time on earth thinking that this human birth is meant for enjoying the pleasures of the world. We are blessed with intelligence and we should not lead animal life after having taken birth as a human. Animals too eat, sleep, mate and enjoy their life. Hence we should evolve higher and one day we will merge with the Divine eliminating the need to take further births and get released from this cycle of Life.


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