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Miracles are nothing compared to the Selfless Love of Incarnations!

Updated on October 5, 2015

Universal Spirit!

Come, see and experience Me!

We have many recorded versions of ‘Conversations with God”, and some of them have been published in book form, several years ago by some Western author. I have read the book. Before starting, I had some reservations about the title of the book and I hope many of the readers might have felt so. Yes, it was entirely a different subject and the book saw the light of the day due to the faith of the author in the conversation he had! The reading was very interesting for a believer in god like me. Hence I encountered no problem in accepting the version of the author fully.

Now there are many questions to ask and everyone will see the need to ask. First of all regarding the existence of God! Secondly, Is it really possible to talk or communicate with god in any tangible form? How the author received the replies from god to his questions? The conversations were like the talk of two friends rather from God to a believer. Yes, it was so casual and sometimes the replies from god make us giggle.

In the recent past, one devotee John Hislop had a face to face conversation with Sathya Saibaba, whom John considered as an Avatar or incarnation of God on earth. It is not the belief of this particular devotee alone. Many millions of people all around the globe consider Sathya Saibaba as a Divine incarnation. Again, most of the devotees are from many countries, practicing diverse religious beliefs. It is no wonder that Sathya Saibaba has devotees from Arabian countries, Russia, China, and Japan and even from Iraq and Iran. That is their personal belief and none can question the faith of anyone in the world as faith is related to inner conscious.

Now let us take the case of Jesus. He lived in flesh and blood and interacted with many people, most of them believed in his utterances and had immense faith in the power of his words and touch which can cure any disease or restore eye sight, make the dumb to speak and an invalid to walk. It is the power of purity, Truth and Love. Many will vouch Jesus never hated any even the perpetrators of heinous crimes. He was crucified and he came away from the tomb on the third day in a resurrected form. Still he showed the wounds inflicted by spears on his body when he was cruelly crucified for no fault of him. He was compassionate, bore those tortures willingly, submitted himself to all physical abuse. Hence he told his followers to ‘forgive seventy times seven’ and to show the other cheek when some one slapped in one cheek.

Belief and Faith stem from our inner consciousness, and not from any outer sources. If one develops faith due to some outer miracle or manifestation, there is every chance that he may loose his faith subsequently when he fails to get favorable response. Sathya Saibaba once said, “Come, see and examine. Rely upon your own judgment. Do not believe me since some one has said so. Your own personal experience here should be the guiding spirit. Human mind is really fickle. It oscillates like the pendulum of a wall clock of good olden days. One who relies on witnessing miracles may subsequently change his stand. What is required is not miracles but inner transformation of man. Once he comes into the ambit of Sathya Saibaba’s love, a devotee will be clear that ‘miracles are immaterial compared to the ‘all embracing love of Sathya Saibaba towards humanity. There is no differential treatment between one set of devotees and another set. In more than 123 countries of the world, Sai organizations are doing silent yeoman service to the suffering humanity. There is no media glare, there is no advertisement. It is from word of mouth, the members perform exemplary selfless service in poor feeding, offering winter cloths to the needy, constructing small schools and teaching useful moral stories about all the great persons of all religions in the world. Free medical aid is rendered through mobile medical vans to inaccessible and interior villages. Sathya Saibaba doesn’t belong to India alone, the country of his birth. He belongs to the entire universe and his teachings are universal based on ancient scriptures of the world.

He has not come to start a new religion or sect. He has clearly announced that “I have come to show you the ancient royal path to god. The path is now completely hidden due to non use. Practice the religion of Love, Practice Truth, and Practice non-violence since God resides in all beings and even in inert elements”. There is no place where God is absent. He is the indweller of your heart. Hence he can easily perceive the silent secret thoughts that arise in every mind. He helps the erring individuals not by pointing to their mistakes but focusing on the good qualities rather. If at any time, he points to their slips, it is only to correct them and to make them understand that he is ever aware of all that happens in remote places everywhere in the globe. Nothing is a secret to him. His universal love attracts the mass of gatherings there every year from China, Japan, Arabian countries, African countries and countries from Western hemisphere. Even after leaving his physical frame, he continues to be active in all places, steering the conscious of good people towards higher truths!

He asserts that all your prayers to various forms of God reach him and he reciprocates instantaneously to the needs of all god loving people!

Sri Krishna's message!


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