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Miracles in the riverbed of Chitravathi!

Updated on September 13, 2011

The holy river Chitravathi!

As usual Saibaba took a handful of devotees to Chitravathi riverbed. Some devotee has expressed a desire to see the previous incarnations of God. Baba took him near the river and asked him to see his(Sai) reflection on the water. One by one all the incarnations of God were reflected in the river surface. The avatars of Vishnu came one by one. When the furious man lion form was reflected, Sathya was possessed by the furious Narasimha. None could contain him. He had the strength of many elephants at that time. After some time only, Sathya became a normal boy. The man lion (Narasimha) avatar came for killing the demon Hiranya, the father of great devotee Prahlada. Thus sometimes Baba was revealing a little of his power to show the world, that he is not an ordinary boy of 18 or so. Once Baba was discussing the properties of moon with the devotees. Suddenly he asked the devotees, whether they want to look at the real moon. Every body became anxious. Suddenly Baba has pointed his hand to the moon's direction. Immediately a miniature moon sat on his palm. And it was glowing like the original moon but the moon on the sky was pale and faded. After showing the moon and its surface to all those assembled, again Baba sent it to the original place. Now there was clear cool moon light as before. By this way Baba has proven to the world that He is the Master of Nature and not just a magician as some people thought.

At times, Baba would ask the devotees to select a good place for sitting on the dry river bed. When they all settled, Saibaba would ask them some questions on spirituality. None would be able to answer the questions satisfactorily. Baba would answer the questions nicely so that even a layman could grasp their meaning clearly. Even while talking with the devotees, his hands would be busy heaping the sand in front of him. On the top of the heap, Baba would draw some lines. Afterwards, he will remove the heap. Lo! There will be a beautiful image of God burning hot as though it was just out of the furnace. Baba would pull it and place it away to cool. Then it will be taken to the temple for worship. Some times, he will ask the devotees whatever they desire. Some mischievous young boys would ask Baba some rare sweet that can not be brought even from some far off places. Instantly Baba would place the sand on the devotee's palm. When it reaches the hand of the devotee, it would have changed to the particular sweet. The plays and pranks of Baba can never be gauged by human mind. Rest in next hub.


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