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Miracles of Christ Jesus

Updated on November 4, 2013
Alpha and Omega
Alpha and Omega

Miracles Before Our Eyes

Because we often see only a few examples of the miracles of Jesus in many teachings, I felt the need to show the wonderful examples that are shown to us in the Holy Scriptures of The Bible. The fantastic number of the miracles of Jesus will be explored, and their source in the gospels of the Bible will be shown. We, as true believers in Christ as our Savior, will smile as we see the amazing numbers of His miracles, and our Lord's miraculous journey here on Earth. CHRIST'S MIRACLES:

The gospel of Mark tells of the healing by Jesus, of the blind. Luke tells of of two blind men that were healed. In the gospel of Matthew it tells us of two blind men healed near Galilee. Jesus' cleansing of lepers were written about in Matthew 8:1-4, Mark 1:40-45, Luke 5:12-16 in the Bible's scriptures.

Healing of the paralytic at Capernaum is in Matthew 9:1-8, Mark 2"1-2, and Luke 5:17-26. Jesus was brought a man on a mat, who was paralyzed, and he told the man to rise and walk. This he did. Jesus cured a man with dropsy, at the house of a wealthy Pharisee. He healed a man with a withered hand.

In the healing of a deaf mute in Decapolis, it appears in Mark 7:31-37. The healing of the Roman Centurian's servant occurred in Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10. Jesus healed in the land of Gennesaret and appears in Matthew and Mark and in Matthew 9:35-36, it tells of how He exorcised a mute. Jesus went through towns and their synagogues, healing and teaching His Word. performed many exorcisms of demonic spirits in Mark. In Matthew 15:21-28 Jesus performed an exorcism of a woman of Canaan. Jesus exorcised a boy in Matthew 17:14-21.

Jesus resurrected the dead, the young man from Naiman in Luke 7:11-17 and in Mark 5: 21-23, the Daughter of Jainus is resurrected.The raising of Lazarus in John:1-44, a close friend of Jesus who died and later was brought back to life from the dead, when Jesus commanded him to rise and walk, is one of the more well remembered of Jesus' miracles.

Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding and the feeding of 4000 when Jesus was teaching in His sermon on the Mount, was fantastic. Here he turned a few loaves of bread and few fish into enough food to feed all of the masses of people gathered there and had loves of bread left over afterward. This was recorded in Luke 5:1-11.

Jesus walked on water to meet a boat and quelled the storm and helped his fishermen's nets to be over flowing with his miracles.He healed the ear of a servant and helped catches numbering 153 fish to be caught. According to John, if all of Jesus' miracles were recorded into books, there would be no room on the face of the earth to have room to hold them all.Jesus' exorcisms,cures, and resurrections were noted throughout the new testament. Both Christians and Muslims heralded Jesus and his miracles as historical events that were recorded in the gospels. These historical events of Jesus were viewed as important of His ministry, and they attested to his divinity and dual role of both God and man. This is the traditional view about Jesus. They were viewed not only as acts of power, but also his mercy and love. He meant to show compassion for sinful behaviors and suffering of man.

Jesus performed his miracles to confirm the kingdom of heaven and God at hand by demonstrating his power over nature, his cures, and raising of the dead. His miracles were so many in their number, only a few were written about in this work that I share with you now.

What more acts could show the pure essence of miraculous works, than those shown to us by Jesus Christ, the Son of God? From Jesus' teachings at the Sea of Galilee and the miracles performed there, to the raising of Lazarus from the dead, we as Christian followers are amazed by the scope and magnitude of His miraculous journey recorded in the pages of the gospels of our Christian Bible. WE were all BLESSED and HONORED by our CREATOR, when He sent His only Son JESUS, to stand in our place, and be crucified on that wooden cross, which cleansed us of our darkest sins and placed us, as believers on the roadway to our God, our Creator in Heaven. He waits there for each of us and knows us by our names. His home will be our home, if only we will follow His Son, from the shadow of the cross, to the beautiful light of Heaven. The greatest miracle of all was shown to us all, our Lord's death on the cross, His burial and then resurrection, after the third day , and finally, then to reign with His Father in Heaven. He beckons to us there and wants us to join Him to live in peace and love, forever. No one makes you choose your religion or how you may worship. No one makes you choose not to have any faith. Only you may make the choice to follow the Lord Jesus. Amen

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