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Miscellaneous Psychics

Updated on January 30, 2011

Why do they have different answers?

Why do different psychics give me conflicting information?
An Inquiry By: Aphrodite

This is a question that I have pondered for the recent months. I have spoken to many psychics for the past 3 years over a particular relationship that I am in, at the time I wanted to bring my love closer towards me.
The psychics that I tended to go back to were the ones that read the truth, and not just the fears or holograms of what I was afraid of, or what seemed to be happening on the surface. They were also the ones that seemed to be more friendly and warm as well.
I decided to research this a little bit more and found that just under 30 % of practicing psychics tend to tap into your current energy, or thought processes and repeat what they see or feel is currently going on.
Since most people know more about what their partners look like or what they do for a living, it is not right for the people to be testing the psychic- which most people do. That distracts them from sensing the truth or the soul of the matter, which will bring the replies to the psychic/medium which will be relayed to the chatter/askee.

Time-frames cannot be predicted for the most part, because the universe is constantly changing, and time is not linear. Mediums and psychics can tune into numbers or use tarot or playing cards to zoom in on a number or week/month time reference, but things can change.
When the asker knows something is true and accurate they should, and some get readings to confirm what they already know on a higher level - and will develop the trust in themselves, and listen to what they know, and see and to what they are experiencing. Then if still in doubt or need assistance in interpreting their experiences they should ask for professional help.
Yet it is in choosing a skills psychic/channeler/medium that seems to be the most difficult, and getting back to different replies received - this can be very disconcerting and difficult. If you are getting conflicting answers it may be because you haven't decided which path to take. For example, a conflicting yes and no on a potential job at a specific company could mean there is something about the company that your subconscious doesn't trust.
For some readings it is a question of will I meet someone this month or year? Those will be more general in nature and the readers will pass along any information they will get from their source. For example if they pull a SPRING card from the tarot, this indicates something will happen in terms of relationship in the spring.


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