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Miserable little prison 'individuality'

Updated on October 22, 2012

The Divine charioteer!

Imprisoned individual.

How about a prison sentence? None would dare to embrace this ridiculous idea. Yes, every body wants 'full freedom' to pursue his life. But we are not aware that all of us are imprisoned! Yes, it is very real too. I am talking about the "i" feeling and the 'mine' feeling. These two are always with us and they never leave us. Now tell me! 'Are we not really imprisoned?. Since we are always under the influence of the above two feelings created by the body identity and false ego, we can not decide any thing independently. In other words, we are not free and hence we could not exercise our own will on any issue. Here, i would like to clarify that the real "I" is different from the personal individual 'i' and the ego filled identity. This "I" is always free and it exist as an Independent One! In fact, it has no connections with the body mind scenario.

The so called imprisonment is only to the little ego and the mine feeling through which we develop the feeling of 'possession'. Once we understand that there are two shackles which bind us tightly to the world, we should try to extricate ourselves from the chains of 'i' and 'mine'. This is literally possible only when we shed our selfishness and ego. Why should we isolate ourselves with the perishable body and the monkey mind? What we are going to get by our identity with the body? It is only pure misery and ultimate death. The paltry pleasures, the senses give us is a 'mirage'. We are made to remain content with paper flowers and canvass fruits. Can we get perfume from the paper flower or quench our hunger with the canvass fruits?

We have watched films in cinema halls. We watch them with interest and excitement knowing fully well they are still films projected through a cine projector in a specified speed which creates the illusion of 'motion picture' with moving people synchronized with the sound track which gives the real feeling of action movie. We are completely engrossed in the film. When we enter the picture hall, there was only a 'pure white screen'. When we leave the hall after the picture, it was the self same screen. There are certain basic truths. The pictures can not be shown or projected unless there is a white screen to catch the images. Hence the screen is the basis and the pictures come and go. Pictures need the screen whereas the screen is independent. The screen is 'absolutely unaffected by the various scenes falling on it. It may be floods, fires, volcanoes and bursting of bombs. What happens to the screen. It is absolutely unaffected.

Likewise, the real "I" is the unaffected base and the creation or cosmos is a picture falling on the "I". The real "I" is unaffected. What is affected or suffers is the individual egos in the form of 'i' and mine which imprisons the individual!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you sir for the nice response!

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 5 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      Wow!wish I could say more...Wow!^^^^^^^^^^^!