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Modern Day Pharisees:Another look at today's Clergy

Updated on July 26, 2011

Examining the Doctrine of today's Clergy

And now we go to part three of this series on today's clergy...So far I have received some interesting comments on the previous two articles; even one stating that I sound bitter. Well, that's ok to. At Psalms 97:10 we are told to "Hate what God hates..." ; and Proverbs6:16 list six things God hates; among them are lying tongues and those who spread falsehood(s). That's what the clergy has been doing for centuries now and I for one am fed-up with it as it is a greater cause of the world's woes than many may realize. The more darkness these sons of Satan spread the worse off the world becomes. It moves others to reject searching for God's answers at all, believing there are simply too many versions of it and deeming it not worth the time and effort. It's already a given that we as humans tend to rely on our own "intellect" any way; so if we can't get satisfactory answers when we do request such...

Moving on: I can't express enough times that the doctrine taught in basically every church that Jesus is Almighty God simply is WRONG! Not only did Jesus not make that assertion, but you can't name a single instance where any of the other bible writers, particularly those who not only wrote the gospels, but actually walked and lived with Jesus; not a single one of them said Jesus was God eeither.If you look at the beginning words in all the bible books after the gospels you see the mention of God as Jesus': God, Father, etc; THEN it goes on to mention Jesus. Note, not once do they say "and the Holy Ghost"! So how, where and why did religion get so far off the track?

Yet another indicator of falsehood being propagated by the church leadership: The cross...

For one, Jesus DID NOT DIE ON A CROSS! It was a tree, uprooted and hewn and trimmed to a fashion where it would be better to plant in the ground, whereupon he was nailed not through his hands but actually through his wrists. This is the fashion of crucifiction. Perhaps we would do well to actually take time out to examine the true origin of the things I write about and maybe get a better understanding that what/how you've been worshipping has been wrong all along. Crucifiction was done by the Romans by nailing or tying an accused offender to a stake(post/pole) by their hands, and suspending their body. What was then done was their legs would be broken to impose a very slow and painful death by asphyxiation(suffocation) as the dead weight of the lower body dragged and pulled at their lungs until they'd burst. This often took over a day. The leg-breaking also made it so that the friends and family of the offender could not cut them down without it being obvious this was an offender who'd been cut down. Those crucified normally were placed along the road leading in/out of Rome known as the Iter, or Apian Way where they'd be put on display as a deterrent to breaking or offending Roman law and it's officials.

The cross however, is derived from and a form of the ancient Ankh, a symbol first utilized again by Nimrod and ancient Babylon. These symbols were in use well before the existence of the Roman Empire. Once more a component of pagan belief has been turned into a prominent part of modern religion as every single "Christian" church there is has at the very least ONE cross hanging somewhere, not to mention all the people who wear them. How do you think God and Jesus feel about that?

There is a need for further scrutiny of this message as well as clarification of it's intent...Truth Is...:

First allow me to point out that these series serve to put clergy on notice: Repent...NOW!!! You have no more "grace period", you must immediately take steps to release that which you know to be true but are not teaching in your church. You also must shepherd the flock in the right way and stop oppressing the peoples by pressing them for money to support you and your inner circle of people. If you teach the truth God will see that your church does well. The concern should not be for the building you are in, but rather for building a congregation of True Christian behaving persons ever increasing their relationship(s) with God.

Then there's the matter of doctrine. If you a a participant at a church that has a lot of the things taught that are spoken against herein or therein the articles I've written I suggest that you remove yourself from that church."Flee fro Babylon..." as it were. Why? Well, while it is true that there are a lot of very decent people attending these churches, the fact still remains that they are the Devil's stronghold. When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, He told Lot to "flee", not stay there. The destruction would be intense, just as it will be in our time. The major reason the Israelites' relationship with Jehovah deteriorated was that they inter-mingled with the pagan nations surrounding them. If you go back to 1Samuel as well as 2Samuel, Exodus and all the books giving the account of the Israelite entering the promised land and thereafter establishing the kingdom; you'll see that :first Jehovah told them NOT to marry, interact with, not to even make peace with the Canaanite nations. They were to utterly and completely destroy them, their animals even! Cunning as he is however, Satan had a group come to them and appealed to their human nature(pride as well as pity) they asked for and were granted a treaty/pact with the Israelites not to destroy them. They agreed to submit to Israel and serve as slaves etc. Israel agreed.

The problem is Jehovah expressly told them NOT to do that. eventually, Israel also did other things to assimilate the nations around them, like demanding they have a king, then they started marrying the women of the people they conquered. As one may well know, in a relationship, each party is influenced by their mate, and eventually this was the case with Israel. Their homes soon came to have graven images and they had altars to false gods right alongside their altars to Jehovah. The next several hundred years were spent tearing-down and rebuilding these altars as well as the temple. Things simply went downhill and Israel repeatedly went off into captivity back and forth until Jesus came. None of this would have occurred had they followed Jehovah's instruction(s) which He gave before they entered the land. To give you an even better understanding of why inter-mingling is against God's way look at what's going on right now: The Israelites are STILL battling those very same people to this very day! Think long and clear on that one, ok? Take the time and do some serious reading of both your bible as well as some history and geography books and compare notes from each and you'll see that the very same people in the bible (Canaanites, Hittites, etc) are the very same people Israel is having problems with today in the middle east.

Given tiat thought, yes, there are very decent people in every denomination of religion. That's nice. But if that church is teaching anything contrary to the truth, YOUR responsibility is to FLEE(leave) that church and stay away from it. God will do his job on/with those who have a good heart in that church. God does read hearts, that's why He'll allow you to go to a place like that(church of falsehood) and see how YOU react: do you keep going because there are "nice" people there? or because there was "some" truth in a snippet of the sermon despite the fact that the rest of the service smacked of a pagan ritual? God wants to see how YOU react. That's where He's reading YOUR heart. If you love him, you will 1) be appalled at the goings-on at that church, and 2) LEAVE and never return. You could.can always pray for the decent people that attend there. But God will deal with them and their situation(s) Hey, it's his job, that's what He does...Truth Is...

We are so far into the "Time of the End" that we can no longer be tolerant of the "Heathens" that lead our congregations today. I speak also of the deacons, bishops, "church mothers", all the inner-circle/committee/council groups of the church that merely are a bunch of Pharisees and Sadducee's. They run things, they determine "this and that", but what are they doing to teach the love of Christ? Why aren't they organizing the going out and teaching of the people not in their church? Why aren't they "selling what they have" and giving to the poor?. Oh it's easy to give extra cans of corn beets and other things like clothing you don't wear anymore to charity. But remember what Jesus and then later his apostles said and did? They sold what they had, that meant the "good" stuff too and gave the proceeds to the poor. Now on that note I have something extremely profound to say:

*The "poor" Jesus spoke of included drunks, whores, thieves, etc. So the next time church folks say they won't give money to people because they might use it for the "wrong" thing, remember that at no point did Jesus say to determine what the poor would be doing with what they gave to them, he just said give it. Thus fulfilling YOUR Christian duty. Again, God does his job, YOU do yours. These people are still poor...POOR, let Jehovah deal with their hearts, we have do do what is mandated to us.

That's the problem to which I address. If the clergy where teaching instead of "Preaching", then more people would have a clearer understanding of our duty as Christians which amounts to displaying and practicing LOVE and the drawing nearer to Jehovah in our relationship with him, as well as learning exactly what our role is in what He wants done. Also teaching that there is HOPE for the future, that it's not about going to heaven or hell, but rather the opportunity for eternal life right here on earth just as God promised and Jesus confirmed.

Again there is much more to discuss and of course we shall in another article...Truth Is...


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    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      8 years ago from West By God

      I didn't read the other hubs prior to this, but I gave this one a Vote up and Awesome. It is no wonder that you get hate mail. They don't like the truth. They THINK they know what God wants and who he wants according to their desires. God is the only one who knows these things and he wil call whomever he wants.

      Keep teaching and I will be reading the other two hubs in your series at a later time.

    • daledad8 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from pittsburgh

      For those who object to what I present, I offer you the option of not reading my hubs. I will continue to spek that which is given to me by Almighty God regardless of your approval.You have before you the option of being bkessed by the information shared or the opposite of such and all it entails. Truth Is...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You are so right!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      They're all demons and everybody knows it!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is some seriously deep waters you've swam into Truth. But the information is vital and I applaud your willingness to speak out when so many people just idly sit back at just think a lot of what you actually say. God bless you, keep up the good work.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I think you realy know what you are talking about and it's very true that a lot of people accept anything in religion without checking it out to see what they are worshipping. Keep it up.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      You ask how I think God and Jesus feel about a person who loves and worships them wearing a cross as a symbol to the world that they are Believers?  I think They bless that person, of course.  It's not about the symbol itself, for God's sakes man!  It is about the intent—the Heart—of the person wearing the cross. 


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