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Modern Parables

Updated on October 8, 2009

My Intro To The "Hub"ba Bubba! ;)

I find first posts on a new site to be awkward and cheesy. I never know quite how to introduce myself when I sign up for a new site or page. I don't want to sound corny. However, anyone that knows me might even agree that "cheesy" and "corny" when it comes to me isn't all bad. I have my moments where I can be humorous and ridiculous and yeah, maybe it is goofy, but that's what makes me "me." :)

The MAIN THING that makes me "me", though, is the One whom I am totally defined by: Christ. Therefore, you will find that pretty much everything I write about will have its roots in Christ because in Him I have my being and He gives me life (Acts 17:28, John 20:31).

I mainly write about my life experiences and how they relate to my faith. I think of the things I write as "Modern Parables". Jesus talked in parables all the time. Sharing stories and experiences that people could relate to helped them understand spiritual concepts. That is also how I most effectively share my faith with others.

In addition to the “modern parables” in my life, I also talk about pro-life and political issues at times (as well as different charities and organizations that I support). Though, I doubt that my content stops there! I write about so many different things! Hey, who doesn’t love a little variety?

I hope and pray that the things I write about will make a difference as I continue using my writing talents for Jesus. The things I post on here will also be identical to the blogs that I post on other sites that I belong to like Myspace and Blogger. So, if you would like to read some things that I have already posted, feel free to check out my blogger page: I use a variety of sites because, well, LOTS of people do! I want to reach as many people as I can!! :)

Grace and peace to all of you!! God bless you!!


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