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Modern Prophecy

Updated on June 18, 2014

We are currently standing upon the threshold of a dynamically changing world, a place where values have become contrary to any moral values we uphold, fraught with violence and rage, apathy and disillusionment. A world filled with chaos and committed to corruption. A world where the majority have been forced into silence with each obstacle that is placed before them. A time when we gather together in silence, our world passing the point of no return while we blame everyone else for bringing us to the edge of darkness. A time when we send our children for psychotherapy because they are filled with resentment, brimming with despondency, depressed to the point of suicide, so that we can drug them into a euphoria that conceals their inner torment, which we no longer have the patience or tolerance to face on our own. A time of transition is being forced upon us by left wing thinkers that propose a new code to live by, where no one is wrong, and everyone is right to express their darkest sinister emotions even if it inflicts pain and suffering on the victims of their expression. We are at a crisis of human destiny, but so many refuse to accept that this was all foretold, recognized long ago as the precipice from which mankind will make that fateful leap to embrace the world to come, a world where mankind transcends his compulsion to create a vain and vile world. I have said it before and I will say it again, we are in the countdown that began over a year ago and by the year 2017 this will become a very different world for better or worse.

A Crisis of Humanity

This crisis of destiny is nothing more than the predestined challenge that we were all meant to face. You may speak of free will, but the entire duration of our path of existence has been leading to this point. The only free will that we possess will be at the time we make the fateful decision that we are now being compelled to make. To date, every attempt we have made to right this world has been an external one. We have looked outside of ourselves, beyond our own capacities, reliant on others to take the mantle of leadership, to tell us how to act, to nurture us with their milk of illusion, drawn from a hallucinogenic seed that they have germinated in a garden of mistruths and intentional lies, suppressing any spirit of defiance or opposition that we might raise in objection to their course of actions. We have welcomed this feeling of numbness, the chance to withdraw from the politics and events of the world, convinced of the protection afforded by the walls of our own homes, that we are now shielded from whatever might occur beyond our windows. But I tell you again, every attempt for mankind to save itself through an external one is foredoomed and foresworn to failure. Mankind cannot be the author of his own salvation, considering that we would not be facing this dilemma if we possessed that capability. Instead our external attempts to save this world have done little more than push us closer and closer to the abyss that threatens to swallow us.

Inner Challenge

There will be no solution to the crisis we face until we recognize that the external attempts at salvation mean nothing until we unite them with the inner challenge that we have failed so miserably to preserve over time. There is no solution without spirituality, and there is no spirituality unless we permit ourselves to be governed by the moral code that God has laid out before us. For once in our pitiful lives we must unite and remain silent no more. Forget the labels of Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or Bhuddist, they matter not. Only when we work in unison to right this world using the universal code that permeates all our beliefs can we do so. All peoples, all races, all societies have reached a tipping point where the road travelled no longer leads to a destination we wanted to reach. We can walk blindly along, letting the road guide us down this horrific path or we can say in a single voice,"No More. We will not travel this path any longer!" There is only one word of God, and whatever we have done to try and alter the moral and ethical code that He clearly set down before us has clearly led us to this point of desperation and failure. The only path that will lead us to our hoped for future is the path that we take internally, an inner challenge to become more spiritual, not less, to appreciate there are things in this world we can never control and we never should have placed our faith in mankind to believe it was ever possible to do so.

What is Needed

I cannot make the world believe as I believe. All I can ask is that you do believe. If you agree that we have reached a point in our evolution where human reformation is essential, where redefinition of our values is critical, and redetermination of what is right and what is wrong undeniable to a legal system that is imploding, then I ask you to take this leap of faith with me. We can adopt no nobler task than to enlighten mankind about himself, ridding himself of the darkness that hangs as a threatening cloud above his head. It is not about reaffirming a misguided faith that offered reward and compensation for those that performed good deeds because to do so would completely erode the lesson that we were supposed to have learned so long ago. To do good is reward in itself, to know that we have aspired to do as God wishes us to do, is the supreme value. The promise of reward or punishment in a life after this one is only an imagined fancy, a speculative concept that has deluded and persuaded so many into inaction in this world. There is no refuge from this existence. Rid yourself of narrow views and parochial prejudices and learn to think in terms of humanity, transcending your limitations of an intellectual approach and sharing with me an intuitive one. Learn to understand the course of past history, that we paddle along the river of time not to reach any particular place but to enjoy and partake in the vista that unfolds before our eyes on each bank. Regain that moral spirituality so that you may find the worthier significance in life today based upon eternal laws and ancient revelations. The Day of Judgment is at hand but it is one of self-judgment. You can make the decision now on how the course of history is to reveal itself for this forthcoming age. You can end the physical strife, the continuous state of war, the imbalance of misfortune, and we can right this world by reasserting that inner light that is buried deep within us all. Join with me and make this world the place it was intended to be. Raise your voices in unison. Let the halls of injustice ring with your displeasure. The window is now. I am but a single voice shouting in to the darkness but if you join your voices with mine we will make the heavens roar.

Shalom Aleichim

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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