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Modern Astrology & Subjectivity – Twins Expose Major Flaws of Modern Astrological Methods

Updated on May 11, 2013

Why is it that twins who have almost identical astrology charts can be so different, or that people born within a few minutes of each other in the same area (also having almost identical basic charts) appear to be such different souls?

The last two words of the above paragraph hold the key: Every person has a unique soul. Astrology is only one way to outline the uniqueness of personality. Unfortunately, modern, psychologically-based Western astrology is far less exact than other forms of personality analysis in accurately discerning differences between twins and people who were born within a few minutes of each other in the same area.

This is one of the newer types of astrology (also known as "pop astrology") and has been around for about 100 years. It's the form most people are familiar with since it's the basis of the vast majority of mainstream astrology books, web sites, magazine articles, and newspaper horoscopes.

In contrast, ancient forms of astrology (such as Egyptian, Hindu, Greek, and Arabic) offer far more accuracy than modern astrology in most ways, yet we haven't found them to be the best means to clearly outline differences between twins and those born in the same city at about the same time.

There's a popular theory that twins divide up their horoscope charts and that one chooses some of the energy and the other twin acts out the rest of the energy symbolized by the charts.

There could be some validity to this idea, but as identical twins, we don't feel there is much. While we find modern astrology useful, the lack of significant astrological differences in the charts of those born within minutes of each other in the same general location represents a significant flaw of the science.

Fortunately, there are much more accurate metaphysical delineation and predictive tools available; comprehensive numerology and handwriting analysis have proven to be very accurate, even in delineating differences between twins.

Comprehensive numerology as a character delineation and predictive tool, and handwriting analysis as a means to discern subconscious and conscious personality are invaluable for the following: predicting the probabilities and likelihoods of love, family, career and money issues; identification of personality strengths and challenges; identifying romantic or workplace compatibility; identifying periods of heightened spiritual growth; event analysis; political strategy and probabilities; financial trend forecasting; business negotiations and acquisitions; legal issues; investigations; duration potential involving events and partnerships; career guidance; child development; and any other area of life involving personality, compatibility or predictive analysis.

Although modern psychologically-based western astrology is a useful tool for generalized personality and timing analysis, it is best used in conjunction with other methods to assure a reasonable level of precision.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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