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What Would Jesus Do?

Updated on August 21, 2009

Romans 13:14

 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.

 There was a cute little bumper-sticker that came out a few years ago that asked the question, "What Would Jesus Do?" Meaning, I suppose that if a person found himself in an unfavorable situation, what would the Lord do when confronted with that problem? Based upon Jesus' success in overcoming such situations, that person would use His example to act accordingly.

Personally, I never felt it necessary to employ gimmicks to get the gospel across. I believe a person's Christlike life speaks for itself -- mainly because such an individual is unique from the world and all the wannabes that permeate our society. That person would stand apart from the crowd, just like the Master.

Living for Christ is not a fad -- or like the latest fashion that becomes outdated with time, nor should one strive to be a Jesus clone, but the ideal is to let the Spirit of Christ live on in us. It is a commitment. The idea comes to mind of a ship and its Captain. The ship cannot navigate itself, but is dependant upon her Captain to take her through the rough seas, as well as the calm waters. When a person totally surrenders to Christ, he/she is no longer self-willed; his goals, aspirations, must take a back seat to what God wants to accomplish through him. John The Baptist made a statement before Jesus' arrival that he (John) must decrease, while the Lord increases. (John 3:30). In essence, we as the ship must allow the Lord to navigate our lives.

Many of us miss the mark, because we are still trying to "do our own thing." Jesus' purpose on earth, should be the purpose of every Christian; that is to carry out the will of the Father. Jesus said My meat, meaning my very purpose, my very existance on earth,  is to do the will of Him that sent me. (see John 4:34) That means understanding what the will of God is for our lives, and carrying out that appointment.

When we radiate the very essence and power of Christ in our lives, exemplifying His charity, patience, wisdom, Holiness, yielding to the voice of the Spirit, then it becomes clear that when we face certain situations, what Jesus would do.



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