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Money alone can not give us Peace and Happiness in life!

Updated on May 11, 2016

Money Wise!

Have we become machines?

During the waking state, we always need some thing to hang upon. Nowadays, this task is undertaken by smart phones, tablets and laptops. Human interactions have become secondary in our life. With a smart phone, one can spend the entire waking hours without any human aid or companionship! In the present day scenario, persons under the same roof are sending messages to one another. Minimum effort, maximum gain, is the motto of present generation. Some times, even missed calls do not evoke any reaction on the other side. In a way, we have become human robots, so to say!

What is this life? Is it mechanical? No affections, no sensitivity to others feelings. Hence it may be correct to treat everyone as a ‘humanoid’ like a celluloid toy. When there is no emotion, what is the need of this mortal life? We are supposed to be highly evolved beings on earth. Strangely, even the lowest form of insect exhibit some sort of affinity to their siblings. But the mind of human being has become rock like. No softness, no love, no compassion and mere robot like!

We lack humanity today!

In the present scenario, what is the use of subjects taught in the schools and collages like ‘sociology, psychology and humanities? Is it for earning money and filling the bellies? Even the lowest bacteria thrive with the help of instincts. In fact, those instincts are more pronounced in human beings but he never applies the same while interacting with co human beings. This is the saddest part. He is supposed to be the pinnacle of creation but he is not only sub human but fell below the animal levels.

Baring a very few people, none cares for other’s sufferings or feelings. Our motto seem “Live and let them go to hell, instead of Live and let live”. This is the result of knowledge gathered through secular education which concentrates on the body and mind instead of the Soul. Many people today talk about morals and culture but it is not visible anywhere in human society!

Business without Ethics!

Our forefathers were highly cultured though they may be considered illiterate while compared to the present day education scenario. They had common sense and compassion towards all. They cared for everyone and hence the ancient village communities lived amicable with peace and harmony. When wealth and greed occupied the frontline, the human virtues were given the go by. Where is Truth today? It is hidden within the thick bindings of scriptural texts. We read about ‘selflessness’ very often. What is selflessness? Today, none is aware about this sacred term. We know only selfishness. All the collages and Business schools teach every one, ‘how to thrive among the competing forces today and how to stabilize the wealth one earned by hook or crook. Really business should combine with ethics and morality.

In fact, it is the business community who makes everything available nearer to our residences. All food items, milk, yogurt, vegetables, oils, pulses and grains are kept in the shops and we can purchase them with ease provided we have the money to buy it. There are some business establishments who keeps the prices low, by reducing their profit margin for the sake of welfare of the community. But most of the business people charge exorbitant prices for basic food items like rice, wheat, other pulses, oil and condiments. They hoard the commodities when there is peak demand and sell them at high cost. There is an artificial scarcity generated by their hoarding. If they sell it according to the availability, the good will creates more business. Human psychology is that we never go to such shops who sell everything at a premium. In course of time, there will be reduced sales.

What Ford has said?

Take care of the workers!

In a similar manner, if a manufacturer treats the laborers as his own family members and offer sufficient pay and compensation to the laborers, his production will automatically increase due to gratitude of the laborers. I have heard that certain companies are adopting this policy. They even offer shares to their employees. In such a scenario, laborers will put more effort to make the company profitable and there won’t be any dispute to be resolved by labor courts. This fundamental psychology is missing in several corporate houses who treat their employees as slaves. The IT industry, world over is the main culprit in this regard. They treat their employees as mere computers without any emotions. Simply compensating them with money won’t do. They squeeze the employees for more than 16 hours a day. IT industry has witnessed many suicides due to the slave treatment.

Why people are always after earning money? Money can bring you luxuries and comforts for the body but not for the mind. Even if one remains in an air conditioned room, lying in soft beds, he will not get peace, if his mind is preoccupied with the tasks and targets in office! Hence never treat money as the supreme aim. Life is more valuable than money. Money is just an aid to fulfill our requirements!

Spend it on others!


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