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Money comes and goes but Morality comes and grows!

Updated on July 8, 2017

Don't be impressed with money!

More money means no peace!

More money means more comforts, more luxury but one will lose his precious peace and happiness! Here, I would like to define happiness. Happiness that lasts for few moments or days which turns into sorrow and discontent is not happiness at all. We can cultivate happiness more by sharing, giving and sacrificing, rather than hoarding and accumulating things which are of material nature! All materials are subject to destruction one day or other! Even the hardest steel corrodes over time. Even the concrete structures disintegrate after 100 years or so! Our bodies are very slender instruments which can be equated to water bubbles. Even the sturdiest man collapses suddenly due to heart attacks. Body’s shape or strength of muscles never contributes to longevity. It is the blood circulation, lungs function and kidney capacity and health which determine our ultimate health. Even if everything is OK, there are natural calamities, sudden health problem and accidents which may cause sudden death. One need not be a old man to meet death. Death snatches anyone at anytime, irrespective of their ages and physical health. In some countries, epidemics take a great toll of human lives.

Where money won't go?

Wealth has become a cause of many heinous crimes!

Hunger is the chief cause of deaths in many African countries. Then how can we rely upon the feeble instruments of life like wealth and properties. Wealth may save you from hunger, thirst and accommodation. More than that wealth cannot contribute to our health or longevity since excess money itself is a chief source of worry and grief. The wealthy man is haunted in all directions like the thieves, taxman, relatives who wait for a chance to plunder his wealth cunningly. Even the children of the wealthy man may one day turn enemies. They may go to court to secure their share in the properties. If it is not feasible, they sometimes try to finish him. Yes, the media reports such rare cases more often. There is no affinity between close relations, between sons and fathers, between sisters and brothers. Most of the crimes happen due to excess wealth hoarded by any individual. Of course the poor suffer due to lack of basic necessities of life like food and clothing. Beyond that they don’t aspire for anything. Since their needs are few, once they are able to earn some money, they buy food, prepare the meal, eat it and rest. But the wealthy man who rests in an air conditioned chamber is never peaceful since his entire attention is focused on securing whatever is hoarded! He wants to find loopholes in the tax laws to circumvent paying tax. He is weary of frequent visitors coming in the garb of close relatives. He is aware of their tricks to extract some money from him. Again he has to secure his wealth in bank lockers since the thieves are very clever nowadays. Then again natural calamities frighten him if his house is situated in coastal areas or hilly regions. There is always fear of fire accidents when the house is surrounded by tall trees. A poor man has nothing to lose since he has no roof over his head. During the rainy season, he search for some cover in public places. More than that, he is not bothered much about anything more. Hence the poor man is content with whatever he could earn during the day! While the wealthy man could be considered as poor in spirit, since he wants to hoard more and more!

Non-violence in practice!

Peace is the most precious possession!

Peace is the precious possession in the world. The wealthiest person lacks peace like a powerful dictator. The dictator is not content with annexing more areas of neighboring countries since he is not c peaceful. To secure peace he falsely try to acquire it through war with other countries. The war creates more restlessness in his mind and a dictator can never remain peaceful. We have witnessed the sad end of dictators since most of them committed suicides unable to face defeat at the hands of opposing forces! A poor man meeting failures will not be affected that much as a powerful wealthy man. The loss of positions of power and wealth may make him mad. History is replete with many such examples! With weapons of destructions, none has won a war but a single man relying on truth and non-violence as his weapons won the mighty British Empire who granted freedom from their rule of India. Mahatma Gandhi was staunch believer in Truth and God. He evolved the non-cooperation movement in a peaceful manner and led much the freedom fight who never resisted the harsh brutal treatment met out to them by the cruel treatments met out by British soldiers. His policy of Non-violence struggle earned him the title “Mahatma” (a great soul). Though Gandhi succeeded in his trials with Truth, he was mercilessly assassinated in point blank range by an extremist who came in the garb of onlooker. He considered Gandhi as an enemy to Hindu ideology but Gandhi treated all religions alike and he wanted peaceful co-existence of all people in India. He was misunderstood by many in the Congress party. Violence is anathema to Gandhi while Bose wanted to fight, Gandhi was not happy with such ideas.

Thus said, Martin Luther King...

Gandhi has proved that Truth will triumph ultimately!

He proved the world that ‘might may not succeed always but Truth will triumph in spite of initial obstructions. In this dark age of Kali, criminals seem to have upper hand against mighty armed forces of several countries. There seems to be less understanding and communication gaps between political leaders of different countries. Hence the terrorists everywhere seems to succeed in fomenting troubles in some places. But the situation seems grim for the terrorists everywhere. The sufferings undergone by the poor citizens caught in between the forces, the sufferings undergone by young girls, women and children in those countries will recoil on evil forces surely after great confrontations! Various countries are blocking the resources channeled to terrorists by many stratagems. The collections have started trickling down while previously they had billions of dollars to purchase weapons etc. Hence their end seems nearing. The world will be rid of terrorism and dictatorships very soon. Once the terrorist networks are eradicated, people of all countries will enjoy peace and harmony as depicted in many scriptures of the world! Money comes and goes but Morality comes and grows!

Money will never save us, it is morality!

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