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Money is a trust entrusted by god to help the Poor!

Updated on January 31, 2017

Beatific quotes.

Money is really a trust given by god!

Money is really a trust given by God. Apart from enabling us to lead our life here, the excess resources are entrusted to us solely for helping the have nots! Hence rich people must spend a portion of their earnings for the welfare of the poor and decrepit in society. We have seen many founders of Fortune 500 companies are in the habit of apportioning a percentage of their earnings for helping in healthcare and other philanthropic activities. The aids programme in economically backward countries is aided by Bill Gates Melinda foundation and Ford Foundation. Many of us may be interested in knowing how it all started! Ford Motors earned a great name in automobile industries. Its profits rose in leaps and bounds due to the heavy demand from many countries. Ford worked day and night without caring for his health. One day he was bedridden and the situation was grave. When brooding over the events that led to his health problem, he started thinking ‘what use of all this wealth, when it cannot rescue me from health disorders? He also thought that there are millions of poor who cannot afford even basic healthcare and they are dying for want of medical care. Here I am so rich and could afford the best treatment, yet my wealth cannot save me! Had I spent some portion of my wealth for the sake of poor downtrodden people of the world, at least I would have been happy that I could share my wealth with the have nots. Once this thought crossed his mind, he was on road to recovery. He realized that it is the will of god that he was bedridden which resulted in philanthropic thoughts. Immediately he started “Ford Foundation” to cater to the needs of the poor!

Immortal truths

Money is not for selfish ends.

What can we do with the extra wealth, if it is kept for selfish needs? A man can eat three times a day and wear two dresses after all. What else we need? Hence God has entrusted certain individuals with abundant wealth so that they could be of service to the poor. Hardly 10% of wealthy people engage in charitable activities. Many people put money in fixed deposits for the sake of several generations! What will happen to the wards of such wealthy people? They will boast that my grandfather has left me an estate, why should I work at all? Let me enjoy life! In a way rich and powerful people create a lazy generation. We have seen the ‘hippies. They were children of very rich people and finally they have turned into ‘hippies’ who have no discipline or regulations in life. Hence they were not admitted in normal societies, fearing that their children will also turn like them! Hence, even in Western societies, people valued society’s culture! In this world, no society will honor vagabonds and terrorists. Now we can understand that the excess wealth has become a cancer like condition!

Self knowledge

There is no inside or outside for the Self or Atma!

In Indian ethos, a code of conduct has been prescribed for human life. For many generations, people who had faith in the code followed it meticulously. Later on, due to adoption of western way of life by the rich and powerful people, slowly the practice has disappeared from urban societies. Still there are many rural households wherein ancient codes are put into use. The codes regulate human life and enable him to evolve higher. But, due to discontinuance of such codes, morality has gone down in society. Hence majority of people in the world suffer due to many calamities, unrighteousness and immorality. We are alert in blaming the government, the leaders and others but we are not inclined to blame ourselves for this tragic situation. Had we adopted good ethos from the beginning of our life, we would not have fallen in abysmal situations. Now, the entire world is reeling under terrorism related and refugee problems. Where there is selfishness and greed, the world cannot prosper or remain in peace. Sacrifice alone will lead to immortality and absolute freedom. If we ask the people in the world,” whether they are happy and peaceful, none will answer ‘yes’. They will narrate umpteen problems! Ask the most powerful persons in the world, ‘they will dismiss the question itself! Yes, the world is filled up with myriads of problems which could not be solved in the worldly level. Divine intervention is absolutely necessary. People seek happiness outside themselves, whereas the source of bliss is inside each one as the ‘self or atman’. There is no difference between universal soul and individual soul. The body consciousness or ego is the false barrier. For instance, several mud pots are kept outside the potter’s place. The ether inside the pot and the ether outside are really one. Pots acts as a temporary obstruction or barrier. Once the pot is broken, the ether becomes one. This is how our bodies act as a barrier to the Atma within and the Atma outside. In fact, there is no inside or outside for Atma! Can we differentiate the sky as inside and outside? Everywhere there is sky or space. In fact all the planets are like balls hung in space. For pointing the sky, we show the sky above us. But the earth is of the shape of orange fruit. When we have the earth above our place, those who reside at America which is just below our place geographically will point out their sky, which is really below for us. Hence the sky surrounds all the places, planets, stars, galaxies etc. Everything is apparent and not real.

The sun is ever gllowing!

The Sun neither rises nor sets!

The truth is that Sun never rises nor sets. It is glowing forever. Due to rotation of earth on its axis, we do not perceive the sun in the night time and it will be visible during dawn. But time is different for each country and it is not constant. Hence there are different names for time as Standard time, Greenwich Time etc. When it is daytime in India, it is night time in US. In the moving and changing world, nothing is constant. Even within a rock which remains static, there is atomic motion or displacements. Otherwise, rock will not be there! Hence whatever we observe through our sense organs is not true! There is a witness in everyone who is called the ‘self’, which remains unaffected by the phenomena called creation and cosmos! It is ever free, ever existing, eternally blissful and full of wisdom!

The Self is subtler than the sky!

Can we divide the self in any manner?

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