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Moon Magicks

Updated on July 5, 2013
Waxing Moon, backwards C
Waxing Moon, backwards C

For beginners it is often hard to remember what phase of the moon is best to work their magick. I also had a hard time with such things when I began my own journey but am now more comfortable with my ability to use the phases of the moon to enhance my own magick. I wanted to put together a list for those who are not as familiar with the phases or the seasonal moons.

The Initiate or New Moon, this is the time when you will want to work on the beginning things in your life, such as, a new job, a new love, a new you. This is a time when you want to draw on the moon magick for the new things you want to occur in your life.

The Waxing Moon, for those who have a hard time remembering what a waxing moon looks like picture a backwards C. A Waxing Moon is all about growing, this is a good time to expand on the things that were started under the New Moon. This is also a good time to bring positive things into your life.

Full Moon
Full Moon
Waning Moon or the C
Waning Moon or the C
Wiccan Moon
Wiccan Moon

The Full Moon, I always think,” When the Moon rides at her peak, Then your heart’s desire seek,” during this time. (For those not familiar that is the ninth couplet from The Rede of the Wiccae.) This is a great time to put forward what your heart desires most, it is also good to remember that the Full Moon is great for use in dreams, love and divination. Also the energy of the Full Moon is accessible for several days before and after the actual Full Moon.

The Waning Moon, this is a time to work your banishing magicks, whether this is getting rid of the negative in your life or wanting to lose a few pounds, now is the time to do it. Also an easy way to remember what the Waning Moon looks like is just think of the letter C. So to recap the Waxing moon is a backward C, the Full Moon is an O and the Waxing Moon is a C.

During the Dark Moon is when you rest, during the three days the moon (or Goddess) is not visible the energy is at its lowest point. It is not advisable to do any magicks during this phase of the moon.

Did you know there really is such a thing as the “Blue Moon.” A Blue Moon or Wine Moon is a second full moon that may occur during a calendar month. Remember the Moon’s cycle has 29 and a half days and since some of our calendar months have 31 you may see two Full Moons in a one month period, this is a Blue Moon!

Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon

The Seasonal Moons-

January is the Wolf Moon and is a time of strength and protection. It is the first full moon of the new calendar year and can often be viewed as either a beginning or an ending.

February is the Storm Moon and is also known as the Quickening Moon. This is a great time to do magick for fertility and the strength to see yourself or your family through the challenges of life.

March is the Chaste Moon, this is a time for you to plant your “mental” seeds of success and hope. It is also time to start preparations in the soil and to bless your plant and herb seeds. Think of this month as a time to gather your thoughts and plan your gardens.

April is Seed Moon, this is a time of wisdom and growth. If you are planting what is called a Magick garden now is the time to get your hands dirty and sow the seeds into the Earth. We go from March, the planning phase, to April, the action phase.

May is the Hare Moon, this is a time for love, health and wisdom. If you have not already planted your gardens, now is the time. This is also a great time to rekindle a relationship or just put the spark back into one.

June is the Lover’s Moon and brings with it marriage and success energies. This is the time to nurture not only your gardens but yourself. June’s moon is often referred to the Honey Moon, I wonder if this is why so many people choose June to get married?

July is the Mead Moon but is also known as the Blessing Moon, this is the time when first harvest will be brought in and you will begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Mead is the nectar of the Gods so now would be an excellent time to gather some of those magickal herbs and work some prosperity magick.

August is the Wyrt Moon or it is often referred to as the Red Moon. This is a time of abundance, this month is when you shall collect your magickal herbs and store them for those long winter months. It is also a good time to give the Goddess an offering for her generosity.

September is the Harvest Moon or Hunter’s Moon. It is a time of prosperity and protection, magicks involving prosperity and the protection of others (with their permission) is abundant this month. This month’s moon is geared to bring you abundance.

October is the Blood Moon, it is the time of protection and resolution. During the night of the Blood Moon, divination of any kind is recommended. Use this month as a time to reflect on how your year has gone and what accomplishments you made.

November is the Snow Moon, this is a good time to work on your family and friendships. Now is the time to strengthen your relationships with family, and to honor the bonds that you share with them and others.

December is the Oak Moon, and is considered a time of healing and hope. In this month there are more hours of dark than light as the nights are at their longest. It is also the time when bad habits should be let go so that you can start anew in the coming year.


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    • JesadaB profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Home!

      Thank you so much WiccanSage! Blessings!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      5 years ago

      Very good info here, well organized. Thanks for that, great hub!


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