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Moon in Aquarius Explained

Updated on August 29, 2011

Individuals born with an Aquarius moon will experience love, family and a few other aspects of life with Aquarius energy, because those areas are where the moon presides. Aquarius isn't the most intense sign in the zodiac, so these effects may be relatively mild, depending on your sun sign. But rest assured, they will be present in some way, shape or form! To learn more about how the moon in Aquarius influence you or someone you love, please continue reading!

The Anthropologist

Aquarius is a keen observer, but not necessarily the most perceptive. Therefore, his skill lies mostly in being able to observe and record everything he sees, and then remembering an impressive chunk of it! He's also astute enough to apply this other people at a future date, so while he's not as naturally perceptive as a Scorpio, he can still suss someone out with relative ease (once he's mastered his observational skills, that is). This will give him an edge in business dealings because he'll be able to guess exactly what his colleagues or business partners need and want. In terms of family and friends, it will be much the same, though the question remains, will be feel like putting the effort in? Aquarius moon can sometimes get so caught up in observing his environment that he may find himself twice removed from it and in one of those famous Aquarian dazes!


Emotionally Detached

Ok, that's probably not a fair label... but that IS how many people involved (romantically or otherwise) will view someone with their moon in Aquarius. They simply seem to express emotions at much lower intensity than nearly any other sign in the zodiac. They feel them, of course, but they don't really see the point of unleashing them and creating an unpleasant scene. And they will not take kindly to you doing so, either! Of course, they probably wouldn't mention that to you, even as you're screeching something at the top of your lungs! Nope, Aquarius moon is much more likely to take a different route and make themselves "unavailable" from that point onward, or until you get the drift.

Charmingly Naïve

Despite Aquarius moon's talent for keen observation and intuitive deduction, they are surprisingly naïve when it comes to certain things. They tend to expect the best from people, friends and family in particular, and will often feel completely blindsided when a member of one of these groups does something to hurt them. They are far less naïve when it comes to love relationships, however, primarily due to their overly cautious nature when allowing someone to get close to their heart. They will usually guard their emotions well until they are absolutely sure you will not blindside them in any way, and this is why so many of them have far fewer broken hearts to complain about than the rest of us!


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