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Moon in Capricorn Explained

Updated on August 26, 2011

If the moon was in Capricorn when you were born, traits from that particular sign will color your personality and your life. The moon represents your emotional character and the way you interact in relationships. So if your natal chart shows that your moon's in Capricorn, your innermost self is going to share some specific similarities with Capricorn, but most likely only those that deal with feelings and relationships. I happen to have this particular moon sign myself, and it's actually quite difficult at times because it's completely in conflict with my sun sign. To learn more about moon in Capricorn, please continue reading below!

Emotionally Uptight!

It pains me to admit it, but having the moon in Capricorn pretty much guarantees some degree of up-tightness from an emotional perspective. People with the moon in Capricorn are very cautious about opening up to potential romantic partners and it can really take a long time before they get to the point they're ready to do so. This can lead to maddening inner-conflicts if the person's sun sign is that of, let's say Aries, which is known to wear their hearts on their sleeves. These sorts of combinations can lead people with Capricorn moon feeling as though they've got a split personality and can never quite decide if they want to rush in headfirst, or stand on the sidelines indefinitely. If the sun sign is more agreeable, this won't be a huge issue for obvious reasons, but in general everyone with this moon sign will be naturally careful and hesitant when it comes to matters of the heart.


Steady Like a Rock

Eh, for the most part, anyway. With some sun signs this can take a decade or two to really develop fully, but generally speaking people with the moon in Capricorn do exhibit traits that one could only label as reliable, dependable and very, very diligent. The downside to this is they can often be seen as too by-the-book or too concerned with procedure, or too retentive. Of course, these people make brilliant managers and organizers, even if they've got a sun sign that couldn't manage something as basic as unwrapping a piece of gum!

Career Trumps Love

One of the most difficult things to cope with when one has their moon in Capricorn is the whole "career trumps love" state of mind. This is a natural Capricorn trait, and if this person also has a Capricorn sun, they'll be a force to be reckoned with! But if they've got a sun sign that wants to rush head-on into love (like Aries or Leo) this could be downright debilitating from an emotional point of view because the sun and moon signs will be pulling the person in polar opposite directions and they will never really be sure of which direction would be more satisfying. That said, when Capricorn moon does fall in love, it's quite permanent and they are very, very loyal and trustworthy partners. It's just getting them to the stage where they will allow themselves to fall in love that's tricky!


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