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Moon in Gemini Explained

Updated on August 26, 2011

People who were born with the moon in Gemini will have a very interesting personality, as their moon sign will greatly impact the way they handle their emotions and interpersonal relationships. Anyone in love with this moon sign will probably go through periods of confusion as they try to figure out who they are dating! But don't worry; it's not necessarily a bad thing, as the Gemini moon sign can really keep a relationship on it's toes with their ever-changing personalities. Read on for more info on moon signs in Gemini!

Hot and Cold Romance

Gemini is the most changeable sign in the zodiac and that influence will permeate the emotional experiences of the person who was born with their moon in Gemini. I'm not suggesting the Gemini moon individual will fall in and out of love with you every other day, but what the seem to want most out of the relationship one minute could seem altogether different the next. This can be really frustrating for the significant other, or even family members, as that particular trait is pretty much the way it is with all relationships of any kind. Of course, when things are really exciting you will forget all about those rough patches when you weren't quite sure where you stood with Gemini moon!


Emotional Chameleon

Is there another moon sign who can adapt to the emotional state of a situation better than Gemini moon? I doubt it! These folks blend right in to any background and they are not even making an effort to do so, they are simply that adept at becoming one with any particular atmosphere. For this reason, they will always seem like they are on your team, and people will often count them as close friends because of it, even if they rarely see each other! Unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily apply to their own love life, and if their partner is feeling anything in particular, they should not expect Gemini moon to jump on the wagon unless Gemini moon already had a mind to do so!

Chatty Cathy!

Gemini is the talker of the zodiac and if you've got Gemini in your chart, no matter where it is, you will probably have the gift of gab. I've got as it my ascendant and I have often been told I talk more, and say more, than any one person could ever process in a lifetime! Gemini moon is going to feel the effects of this to some degree, and it will sometimes come out in the form of verbalizing their emotions more often than physically expressing them. This could be difficult for their partner if they would like a more demonstrative expression of love. If you're involved with a Gemini moon sign, you may want to try to get them started on verbally expressing their love for you while you are already cuddled up, to help them begin mentally associating verbal and physical expressions of love more often than they might do now.


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