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Moon in Leo Explained

Updated on August 28, 2011

Those born with a Leo moon will feel its influence both in love and other interpersonal relationships. The moon affects us on a subconscious level and represents everything internal. Of course, your sun sign will also have an influence on such things, and the pairing of your sun and moon sign could be complimentary or, well.... not. But even if you've got big conflicts of interest between the two (as I do) you can learn to master the warring factions over time. To learn more about the way the Leo moon will affect your life, please keep reading!

Love is King

Those with a Leo moon will need to be in a love relationship. Note that I didn't say "want, desire, or prefer" just now -- I said need, because that's the only way to describe it. Leo moon must be in love at all times and if they haven't got a suitable partner nearby, they will convince themselves that someone who isn't compatible is the new love of their life. This can cause a great deal of heartache for Leo moon when the time finally comes to let that relationship go; it could take years before they allow themselves to see the truth of what the relationship was. That said, when Leo moon falls in love with the right person, both Leo moon and their partner will experience nothing short of bliss, because Leo moon is truly one of the most genuine romantics in the zodiac.


Leggo That Ego!

Ego is the number one enemy of Leo moon. Those with this sign will have difficulty distinguishing between emotional pain and injured pride. Leo moon is very proud and they will demand respect from their partners, whether it be in business, family and love. When a romantic probably arises, Leo will often react by trying to take control of the situation and get things back on the path they feel is best. How successful this attempt will be depends on the personality of their partner -- some people can tolerate this, some can't. Fortunately, Leo moon tends to restrict these displays of ego to the privacy of their own homes, because they know outside observers might not look favorably on such things, and Leo moon must maintain his public image at all costs!

Star of the Show

Leo moon is usually the center of the universe to his his friends, family and colleagues. While this may make it seem like he's a natural superstar that can wow any audience, the truth is a little less awe-inspiring. You see, Leo moon is actually a genius when it comes to sizing people up, and he instantly knows who would fit well in his royal court. He or she may have a friend or two who stand level with himself, but the truth is that Leo moon far prefers the company of people who know a good thing when they see it, and who will openly admire him in everything he does. Most of Leo moon's romantic prospects will fit this bill as well, and because Leo knows this on a subconcious level, they will rarely fall deeply in love. But when an equal presents him or herself and Leo man dares to take a chance with someone who's got a mind of their own... watch out, Leo moon -- that's precisely when you're sure to fall head over heels!


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