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Moon in Libra Explained

Updated on August 28, 2011

People born with a Libra moon will be very fair and balanced in their relationships, both romantically and in familial settings. Internally they will always be trying to keep themselves on a fair, even keel and this will benefit everyone around them. Of course, the sun sign will have some effect on just how Libran the Libra moon's innermost self actually is, but there will definitely be some very strong influences here. For more information on life with a Libra moon, please see below!


Diplomat of the Zodiac

No one is more fair and balanced than a Libra, and those of you with Libra moons will lean heavily in that direction with regard to your personal lives. These folks will be highly understanding of their partners and family, and they will often be in a state of personal introspection to determine whether or not they are being fair in any given situation. That's not to say Libra moon is a pushover -- far from it. They will happily argue anything they feel warrants a debate, but they will do so fairly and justly. And if you're clever enough to win Libra moon over, you will likely have won their respect, devotion and admiration as well.

Cozy in Love

Libra moon is a people person, and they will charm the pants off of just about anyone they encounter. People will enjoy being around them, and that's rather convenient, since Libra moon really feels a pull to surround him/herself with good company at all times. If you're dating a Libra moon, you can expect them to request you join them in everything they do, even if the task seems to be utterly menial. But even if it is menial, you will thoroughly enjoy being around them as you soak up their inherent wisdom and wit. People in love with a Libra moon will likely feel as though they have their partners tried and true devotion and support at all times.

Balance is Crucial

In order for Libra moon to be happy and flourish in a relationship (of any kind) they must feel as though there is a fair distribution of give and take. If a Libra moon feels like they are doing all of the giving and getting nothing in return, be prepared for a relationship overhaul. It's not really in their character to just out and out kick someone to the curb, but they will address the issue directly and they will expect you to bring the equation back into balance. Depending on the strength of the connection, they may give many or few chances to the other individual involved, but if you don't get yourself into gear in accordance to their timetable, the Libra moon will take it upon themselves to end the relationship.


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