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Moon in Sagittarius Explained

Updated on August 29, 2011

People born under the moon sign of Sagittarius will have quite a lot in common with those who have a Sagittarius sun sign, primarily in the areas of love, family, and the subconscious. How well this melds with the sun sign will depend on numerous factors, but generally speaking you can be sure a good bit of the following will shine through. For more about those individuals with a Sagittarius moon, please see below!

One Minute at a Time

Sagittarius moon will not have a lot of patience, and these folks truly fly by the seat of their pants. They don't enjoy being tied down to timetables or plans of any kind, because that's simply not exciting enough! Therefore, you can expect these people to change their minds and routine as the need arises. In some ways this is fantastic if they happen to be dating someone like, say, a Gemini who is too scattered to make their minds up about anything. But if Sagittarius moon is dating a Taurus, this could prove to be very frustrating for all involved! The general rule of thumb here is this: If you're laid back and can go with the flow, you'll love having Sagittarius moon around. If you're someone who needs routine and ritual, Sagittarius moon is probably best experienced in small doses!


Impress Them and They're All Yours!

It's not very easy to impress a Sagittarius moon (how can you impress someone who's a bit of an expert at everything?!?) but if you can swing it, boy, you've got it made. If you've achieved something uber interesting (in Sagittarius moon's mind, at least) they will put you right at the top of their list and they will love to pick at you brain in the hope some of your genius will rub off of them as well. That's not to say they don't have plenty of friends in low places as well as high, but they do enjoy being round the cream of the crop -- hey, it can be lonely up there at the top!

Affably Argumentative

One of the most amazing things about Sagittarians (be it sun or moon sign) is their incredulous ability to have a friendly, yet highly intense, argument. When they believe they are right, they will do everything in their power to bring you over to their side, and they will be relentless in this pursuit. Even if you offer to just agree to disagree, Sagittarius moon will persist! And while most arguments of this nature would turn ugly at some point, Sagittarius moon manages to keep it sociable and pleasant. How do you argue with someone like this? You don't! You eventually learn to just nod and let them think you agree with them, because if you don't it will lead to an endless debate of incredible proportions!


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