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Moon in Taurus Explained

Updated on August 26, 2011

Those born with their moon in Taurus will possess many traits that might seem contradictory when compared to their sun sign, unless it also happens to be that of Taurus. A Taurus moon will affect the role these people take in relationships and how they experience things emotionally. This is not to say they will be like typical Taureans when it comes to love and other things, but these characteristics will certainly have an influence. To learn more about these influences, please continue reading below!

Slow Starters, Long Lasters

If you've got a moon in Taurus, you are not likely to rush into any love relationship. This is not to say you will be cold and unfeeling, but rather that you will be more cautious than some. Nor will be afraid of getting involved in something new, it's just that you will probably want to take your time and make sure the relationship is a good fit before you really invest your all. And this makes sense when you consider how long-lasting the love of someone with a moon in Taurus can be! Once a Taurus moon has given their heart and committed fully, that commitment will likely be as permanent as they come.


Never Shaken, Rarely Stirred

Taurus is pretty darned stable, and those with a Taurus moon will reap the benefits of this. It's quite difficult to upset a Taurus moon to the point of knocking them off-balance emotionally, and these people are often the rock of their significant other, as well as their family members and friends. On the other hand, every human is capable of emotional upset, and it's certainly possible to push someone with a moon in Taurus over the edge, but that would certainly take some effort! And if you are silly enough to try, be warned that Taurus moon can hold one heck of a grudge -- I've seen them last more than a year!

A Taste for the Finer Things

If you've got your moon in Taurus you probably appreciate the finer things in life and you've probably got a very good eye for quality. Your home will probably also reflect these tastes and your environment is likely to be warm, inviting and comfortable. That said, while Taurus moon doesn't mind spending a fortune on things other people might deem unnecessary, Taurus moon can be surprisingly stingy in terms of other things. To give you an example, I knew a man who would pay top dollar for clothing, yet would always buy the cheapest, lowest quality food products when at the grocery store! If you're dating someone with a moon in Taurus, don't be surprised if your holiday and birthday gifts are lavish, but your dinner dates seem to often seem to take place at McDonalds!


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