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Moon in Virgo Explained

Updated on August 28, 2011

If the moon was in the sign of Virgo when you were born, that sign will color your house of relationships, as well as the way you internalize your emotions and interact with family and friends. Even if you're nothing like a Virgo in other respects, you will have similar characteristics in this arena, though they may be offset in some way by your sun sign. To learn more about the way having a Virgo moon will affect your personal life, please read on for a more detailed explanation!

Everything In It's Place

Virgo needs organization and in the case of Virgo moon, this includes keeping a love relationship neat and tidy as well. Virgo moon needs to know what their role is; they need to have a job in maintaining the relationship and making sure it runs smoothly. Most people with sign are very practical when it comes to interacting with others, so if you're involved with one of these folks, don't be surprised if they are always sorting out the smaller details of your life and providing you with tips and advice to keep your needs met. This is one of the ways a Virgo moon will enjoy expressing their love, and it should not be viewed as an effort to control, but rather an effort to help ensure your lives are running on schedule.


Critical Chrissie!

Virgo moon can seem downright harsh when they start criticizing those around them, and anyone who loves a Virgo moon will need to learn to not take that personally -- Virgo moon is actually even more critical of him/herself, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, Virgo is a brilliant adviser and any advice or tips they may have shouldn't be written off before taking them into consideration. If it doesn't apply, disregard it. If it does, Virgo moon could probably help you improve whatever is being criticized, as their brains are highly analytical and they can see things that the rest of us simply can't. On the other hand, Virgo moon will not take kindly to any criticisms others bestow upon them, so if you've got any advice up your sleeve for the Virgo moon in your life, it would be a good idea to disguise it as carefully as possible!

Low Key Lifestyle

Virgo moon can be a sociable creature, but they are generally not going to be found in wild or loud settings. And if they are an exception to this rule, they are most likely young and will probably outgrow this by the time they reach their thirties. They will not be outgoing when they first meet new people, but after some time they will open up. When embarking on a new relationship things will be much the same, and you will need a good deal of patience if you intend to wait out the "getting to know you" phase and move into the "I love you phase". But once you succeed, you will be thrilled you stuck around, because being involved with a Virgo moon can be one of the most rewarding relationships out there.


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