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Morality and righteousness alone can save the world from destruction!

Updated on January 25, 2016

What is fanatism?

Truth and Non-violence must be practiced by all.

In the present day world, sorrows and sufferings are the lot of majority of people around the world. The world witnesses terrorism, civil wars, religious animosity as well as maladministration of leaders. Most of the leaders are corrupt and selfish politicians who want to become wealthy by all fraudulent manners. The legitimate dues of the citizens are pocketed by the big politicians by subverting the rules. No welfare program reaches the poorest of poor. This results in increase in the sufferings of ordinary citizens, who have no voice against atrocities of the leaders. Even if they raise their little voice, it will be crushed with brutal force. Sadly, many Middle East countries and African countries are constantly at war either with the rebels or terrorists. How anybody can expect security or justice to their existence in those war torn countries?

The world has witnessed protracted wars in many zones, besides the world wars. Iran Iraq, North Vietnam South Vietnam, North Korea South Korea are such places. From the beginning, Afghanistan never had a peaceful regime. Taliban is a product of interference of super powers in the affairs of Afghanistan. Now Taliban has taken many avatars in various war zones of the world. Al Qaida and finally the ISIS are the outcome of protracted wars. In a way, the superpowers are responsible for breeding of terrorists around the world. At one time or other, one of the superpower used to side the terrorists for political gain. Now it has become a monster which could not be controlled by any force on earth.

In India also, for political sake, the government blatantly trained some radicals before. The same rebels have turned against the government due to various circumstances. Hence most of the terrorists are bred by some government agencies at one time or other. This we witness in many of the neighboring countries around India. There is a proverb in India. “The man who wields a knife will be killed by a knife only. Hence there is no use lamenting about the raise of global terrorism. Each country is indirectly responsible for the terrorism that haunts their countries. Then what is the solution?

Transformation must start from each individual. It is voluntary transformation observing the present piteous condition of the world as well as the sufferings undergone by many women and children. In ancient days, wars were fought between warrior men only. Ladies and children were never targeted. But, due to the onset of Kaliyug or Iron Age, morals have been given the go by. None is really sympathetic about the plights of women everywhere. Especially, the terrorists are brutal forces who target even young girls and students as we have seen in the case of Malala. She stood against the principles advocated by the distorted minds and earned the worldwide recognition. Nobel Prize was conferred on her for her bravery and penchant for learning. She wanted the girls should get education alike the boys.

Nowadays, there is a trend to target educational institutions by the terrorists. This is the highest crime against humanity. Even in many universities overseas like US, there are freak shooting incidents in which the students lost their lives. What could be the motive of such disgruntled elements? It is not clear. First of all, no religion in the world advocates violence against humanity. All the religions preach only love. To support their atrocious activities, many people quote their scriptures. This clearly shows that they have never understood their scriptures in the right manner. They wear the glasses of hatred and see through the lenses of hatred and they argue that their religion advocate killing. Their own sects at many places have publicly condemned such acts of violence. Wear the glass of Love and brotherhood. None will turn into a terrorist. It is still unclear, what is the larger aim of disruptors of peace and harmony. Are they tried to bring the rules of demons like the ancient days? All hate those brutal terrorists. No society can tolerate such elements among peaceful citizens.

Abhor terrorist activities and follow the ways of Buddha, Jain and Gandhi. Let the people of the world live in harmony and peace at least from now onwards!

Religious fanatism!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 22 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Exactly! what you said is true. From the beginning of creation, the opposing forces of good and evil are in constant struggle to gain supremacy. Thus the drama of life goes on. The ups and downs really give validity to created life.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 22 months ago from london

      Not much is new, but the Path to righteousness which you write of so often, is also old, like war and pestilence; new and fresh, like the dawn.

      If we listen to nature, or look at the crescent moon, we can sometimes feel it. We are too busy looking at the outside, the mundane. Where then is the time to feed the inner man, the Soul?