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Popular Leo Sun Sign People

Updated on October 16, 2016
Jean Bakula profile image

Jean studied and taught astrology, tarot, and metaphysical topics for 40+ years. She is an avid reader, researcher, and published author.

Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis—real name Milena Markovna Kunis—was born 8/14/1983. She came to national attention in America when she played Jackie on That 70’s Show, an ensemble comedy set in the 1970’s. Jackie and a group of her friends hung around in a friend’s basement, and the clothing, furniture and speech was exactly like it was in the 1970’s. Mila was only 15 when she tried out for the part of Jackie, but lied about her age and did so well she was hired.

Her boyfriend “Kelso” was actually played by Ashton Kutcher, whom Mila is soon to marry, as the couple has a daughter together and another child on the way. So sometimes life really does imitate fiction! In the show, Jackie was a high maintenance girlfriend who bossed Kelso around, and its fun to see them together in real life, apparently deeply in love and very happy. The fun part for this writer is that Ashton and Mila are opposites--he Aquarius, she Leo--a fated match of true love. Happy endings are always so nice.

She got more attention in a film called Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and went on to make a string of movies. But when she performed as Lily in Black Swan, the psychological horror film featuring Natalie Portman and which takes place in the ballet world, Mila received many accolades, among them a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, and a Screen Actors Guild award for Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Supporting role.

Mila was born in what now is the Ukraine. Her family left because they saw no future for Mila and her brother there, and moved to Los Angeles in 1991. Also, the family is Jewish and there is a lot of anti-Semitism in the area they fled from. Life in the U.S. was bumpy for Mila at first, since she didn’t understand the language, and then when she was on the set of That 70’s Show she had a tutor for schooling.

She is charming and in 2010 was featured in the “Women We Love” segment of Esquire magazine, and GQ magazine named Kunis “knockout of the year” in 2011. She was signed by Christian Dior in 2012 to be the face of the Spring campaign, and feels honored to be considered so sexy.

Mila dated Macaulay Culkin for several years, and they were rumored to be married, but that never happened. Their split was amicable and they remain friends. She began dating Ashton Kutcher in April of 2011, and they got engaged in February of 2014. Their daughter is Wyatt Isabelle, and they are shortly expecting another child, hoping for a boy. They are also getting married, but want a small, family affair.

J.K. Rowling


J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling (pronounced like rolling) 7/31/65, is really named Joanne and called Jo. But when her publishers realized that the target audience for her first Harry Potter book would be young boys, she was persuaded to just use J.K. Rowling, although the K is made up and does not stand for anything. Her story is really a rags to riches one. The British novelist of the fantasy Harry Potter Series gained worldwide attention and has sold more than 400,000 million copies. They have become the bestselling book series in history. These books then became the basis of a series of movies which also became the highest grossing movies in history. All this notoriety was born from an idea which popped into Rowling’s head one day as she was waiting for a late train to London.

Rowling was born in Yate, Gloucestershire, a researcher and bilingual secretary for Amnesty International. In a seven year period her Mom passed away, she divorced her husband, and was actually living in poverty when she finished writing the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, in 1997. She was living on state benefits and became a multi millionaire within a five year time frame, so her writing definitely changed her life. She did part with her agency in 2012 and has written an adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, and hopes to write a children’s book for younger children than the Harry Potter crowd, though this writer has seen many adults reading the Harry Potter series! She seems to be concentrating on books for adults at this time.

Rowling has one sister about two years younger than she, and it has been said that the headmaster at one of her schools was the inspiration for Albus Dumbledore. She always loved to be read too, and had a talent for writing from a young age. Her Mother was often ill and she did not get along with her Father (they no longer speak), so she often spent her time with her Great Aunt while not in school. Apparently she is still estranged from her Father, as he tried to sell personalized copies of her Harry Potter books at Sotheby’s auction house. Rowling says that Hermione is based partly on her when she was 11, something she is not particularly proud of. She attended the University of Exeter, and enjoyed it once she met friends who shared her liberal thoughts.

Rowling moved in with her boyfriend and it was soon after when she was waiting for that train when she had the idea to write about a boy attending a school for wizardry. She began writing as soon as she arrived home. Her Mother died shortly after this, and Rowling feels that this helped her write about Harry’s loss in her first book. She moved to Portugal to teach English so she could teach at night and write during the day. She married a Portuguese TV journalist in a bar there, and they married and had a daughter, but the marriage lasted only a bit more than a year, and there were suggestions that she suffered abuse at his hand.

Forbes named Rowling the first person to become a U.S. dollar billionaire from writing books in 2004. She has purchased several homes, including a 19th century estate house, Killichassie House, in Scotland. She also owns a Georgian House in Kensington, West London. She currently lives in another house in Barnton, on the outskirts of the city. In 2001 she married Neil Murray, and they have a son and daughter together. She feels it unlikely she will write another Harry Potter book. Rowling is a philanthropist, working and donating to Amnesty International, Comic Relief, and to raise money for multiple sclerosis. In 2006 she read with Stephen King and John Irving at Radio City Music Hall, to raise money for uninsured writers who have health issues. She also donated 1 million pounds to the Labour Party in 2008 to endorse Gordon Brown. She is a close friend of his wife, Sarah. Although some Christian groups criticized her work for promoting witchcraft, they obviously have no imaginations. Her Leo generosity and love of children really shines through!

Mick Jagger


Mick Jagger

Sir Mick Jagger—7/26/43—You read that right, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones was Knighted in December of 2003. The Rolling Stones all grew up in middle class homes, but had an image of being “bad boys” all though out their careers. Mick’s lined face shows the hard lifestyle on the road and the toll drugs takes on the body as the years go on; although recently it appears he's had some cosmetic surgery on his face. But he makes quite a showman, and at his age can still jump around the stage.

He met Keith Richards in 1951 in primary school, but later they found each other again, as both had an interest in rhythm and blues music. They got a flat together in 1961, and by then had met Brian Jones. Although Mick’s voice was a tad unusual, they began to play small clubs. The Beatles were the “lovable” group, but the Rolling Stones were the trouble makers. They did have a few drug busts over the years. But Mick says he wasn’t ever trying to behave badly, it was just his real personality. “As Tears Go By” was their first number one hit in Britain, and by the time they sang “The Last Time,” and “Satisfaction,” everyone knew who they were. Ron Wood and Charlie Watts complete the group now. After Jones died, the others moved to France for a while. Brian Jones was a great drummer, but seemed to always live life too much on the edge.

During the 1970’s, Mick wore makeup and more glamorous and exotic clothing. It has been said that he appears androgynous on the stage, but it seems to be on purpose, as he has been involved in many high profile marriages and affairs. Psychologists notice that Jagger’s stage presence has a disturbingly sexual tone, and that although women love him, men feel uncomfortable watching him on stage. Novelist Philip Norman states that, “Jagger moves like a male ballet dancer.” He has done much to open up masculine roles for future generations. His first marriage was to Bianca Jagger, with whom he has one daughter. He has one son and one other daughter from various liaisons, but was then married to model Jerry Hall in 1990 in a Hindu beach ceremony in Indonesia. Later, when the couple wanted to split up, they found the wedding was not legal anyway, so they just had it annulled. Mick and Jerry have two sons and two daughters from their marriage, and he is the Grandfather of four now.

He has tried to break into acting several times, but his movies do not generate that much interest. Jagger usually will participate in charity concerts; in Live Aid in 1985 he did a duet with Tina Turner, and also sang with David Bowie in that show which was simulcast from Wembly Stadium and JFK in New York. They did a great job of “Dancing in the Streets.” Mick Jagger also appeared at the concert for New York after 9/11, singing a heartfelt “Salt of the Earth” and “Miss You” dedicated to the police who ran back into the Twin Towers to try to save others. Keith Richards released a book last year in which he said his relationship with Jagger was always a love/hate one, but they are a great song writing team, and Richards feels he can talk to Mick when others can’t get through. Many were surprised that Richards could recall so much about the past, considering the drugged states he was in during much of it. Jagger is currently signing at various smaller venues with other groups as he chooses. Johnny Depp tried to get Jagger to act in Pirates of the Caribbean, but he said no to it. Apparently he auditioned for the part of Dr. Frank N Furter in the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show, but the part went to Tim Curry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a blast seeing/acting out this movie at theatres at midnight!

No matter what the Stones do, they remain to be symbols of counterculture. Jagger’s stage appearances are always sexually charged, and why should someone stop doing what they love no matter what their age, as long as their health allows it? Mick Jagger is considered a great cultural icon of our time. Andy Warhol painted a series of silk screens of Mick and oddly, one belongs to the Wife of the Shah of Iran. Warhol, also a Leo, gave away his work only to those he really liked and didn’t sell much of it, most is held in private galleries or museums. Mick has often been considered the man Carly Simon sings about in her song, “You’re So Vain.” Mick Jagger has been dubbed as “one of the most popular and influential front men in Rock and Roll.” I’m sure he loves that description. The Rolling Stones, despite their disagreements over time, have remained together for 50 years now.

Sympathy for the Devil

Jacqueline Kennedy


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis—7/28/29-5/19/94—is most famous for being the First Lady of the 35th President of the U.S., John F. Kennedy. Her face is etched in America’s collective memory as she stood in her pink suit and pillbox hat, splattered with her husband’s blood, when the President was assassinated in Dallas, TX in November 1963. She stood in the plane during Lyndon B. Johnson’s rushed Presidential swearing in ceremony, refusing to change her clothes, because she wanted people to see what was done to her husband. She and JFK were the first Catholics to live in the White House, and because they were a handsome couple with a young daughter and son, were simply adored by the country. There was always an air of “what could have been” had JFK lived, as his Father, Joseph, groomed him to be a President since he was young, and even picked Jackie to be his wife, as she came from a cultured family and he knew she would make an excellent First Lady.

She was educated at Vassar, and the Sorbonne in Paris. Jackie’s Father was a stockbroker, and she grew up with a life of privilege, though her Father always cheated on her Mother, and apparently her marriage to JFK was the same. She spoke fluent French and was an accomplished horsewoman, who kept a horse farm in New Jersey. When she and the President visited France, he joked, “I am the lucky gentlemen who escorted Jackie Kennedy to France!” She was known for her fashion flair, and began the tradition of the White House Rose Garden. She was a gracious hostess, and women all over the country copied her designer clothes, she particularly liked Oleg Cassini as a designer. She did a lot of restoring in the White House, because many of the gifts given to other Presidents were not well kept and she wanted the House to reflect all the cultural visits its inhabitants experienced. She worked hard to acquire funding for these restorations, and is well loved for doing so. She also had the family quarters redone so future Presidential families could have a more informal and “homey” feel when at home in their own area of the White House.

After her years in the White House, her fashion sense changed to a more casual, but still much imitated look. Most of the Kennedy clan had large families, but she suffered several miscarriages and one stillbirth, but did have a daughter Caroline and son John. After JFK’s death, she compared the brief time of his Presidency and their seeming idyllic life in the White House as a family as “Camelot.” But afterwards, she had trouble keeping her life private, and for the sake of that and her children, married shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, who had to wealth to whisk them away to Greece, and to his private island if necessary. It was important to Jackie that her children grow up as “normal” as possible, but angered many Americans at the time. After Onassis died, she decided to move to New York City, as she was a great patron of the arts, and took a job as a book editor at Doubleday. Jackie was particularly helpful in getting attention for talented black writers. She also worked hard to protect American cultural heritage, and had work done on Lafayette Square in Washington, DC, and Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

In the years that followed, her companion was Maurice Tempelsman, a Belgian industrialist and diamond merchant. Her daughter Caroline became a lawyer who specializes today in privacy law. John died in a terrible accident where he crashed his own plane, with his wife and sister in law in it, en route to a family wedding in Hyannisport, MA. The Kennedy family had its share of tragedy over the years, and she handled it with grace. She really just wanted to live her life in privacy, and was constantly stalked by photographers, even as she tried to walk the streets of New York near her home. She will always be remembered for her sense of style, her love for her family, and her appreciation and support for the arts. She passed on in 1994, and is buried with her husband, son Patrick and stillborn daughter Arabella, in Arlington National Cemetary in VA.

Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead


Grateful Dead Logos


Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead

Jerry Garcia—8/1/42-8/9/95—Jerry Garcia was the lead singer, lead guitar player, lyric writer, and spokesperson for the Grateful Dead, but were he here today, he would deny that he was a “lead” at all. His real name was Jerome John, and he was brought up in a musical family in San Francisco, taking piano lessons from a young age. His Mom once gave him an accordion, but apparently he begged her to let him switch it for a guitar, and she did. Jerry had several tragedies in his life which affected him deeply; the loss of 2/3 of his right middle finger when he was holding wood his brother was chopping, and his father’s drowning in a river while fly fishing. While it seems uncharacteristic for Garcia to have been in the Army, he was, and also managed to be honorably discharged from it. He was in a terrible auto accident where one of the passengers was killed (he was not the driver). Garcia only suffered a broken collar bone, but considered this event the “wake up” call of his life, and he finally got serious about music.

Although Jerry Garcia played with the Grateful Dead for thirty years, he participated in many bands, among them New Riders of the Purple Sage, Jefferson Airplane, The Jerry Garcia Band, Brewer and Shipley, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Warren Zevon and Bob Dylan, to name a few. Robert Hunter wrote lyrics for the Dead. Phil Lesh became the bassist, Bob Weir, guitar and vocals, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, keyboards, harmonica, vocals, and Bill Kreutzmann on drums. I believe this was the original lineup, but it changed numerous times due to drug losses and the like, plus sometimes friends would just join Garcia on stage by surprise, but normally there were between 5-7 musicians playing at any given time. Jerry played acoustic guitar, banjo, and liked mainly bluegrass and folk music. The Grateful Dead name was picked out of a dictionary, defined as “the soul of a dead person, or his angel, showing gratitude to whoever arranged their burial.” None of them really liked the name, but it stuck. The Grateful Dead inspired many fans who followed them to every concert, called “Deadheads.” This was a lifestyle where fans would follow the band all over the country, so they did not have time to have jobs or concerns about such mundane matters as making a living. My brother was a Deadhead, and so was a friend of mine for a period of time. Although I was not a fan then, there was an old movie theatre in Passaic, NJ, not far from my teenage home, and when the Dead played there, they played until the stage was literally shut down. They would easily play from 9 PM until 4 AM. Crowds just loved them.

Jerry Garcia also played steel pedal guitar for the New Riders of the Purple Sage, which I did see, at Central Park in New York. Garcia and his band mates were heavy into the drug scene, and Garcia had many health issues. In spite of this, he kept up a “never ending tour,” reputation, much like Bob Dylan. Jerry was an art student and enjoyed painting watercolors and making lithographs. He went into a diabetic coma in 1986, and watched his health for a while. He passed on while in a rehabilitation center in 1995, of a heart attack, after struggling with diabetes, sleep apnea, weight issues, diet issues, and drug addictions. He was only 53 at the time. Garcia was married three times and had four daughters. He requested that after cremation his ashes be scattered in the Ganges River and the San Francisco Bay. The Bear logo associated with the band was created by Owsley Stanley, just to mark their equipment while on tour. Another famous logo associated with the Dead was the red, white and blue skull with the lightning bolt running through it, created for the same reason.

Amelia Earhart


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart—7/24/1897—Disappeared 7/2/1937-- Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Her sense of bravery and daring, and stubborn path to achieve her goals are definite Leo traits. Earhart had an unconventional upbringing, not being a “girly girl” at all. She was born in Kansas, and always aspired to have a career rather than a family. During WWI, Amelia trained as a nurse, but got very sick herself while tending to others, and developed pneumonia. Amelia attended a flying expo in Toronto and thought it interesting, but still enrolled in Columbia University to be a nurse. But once she went for her first plane ride, Amelia knew this was what she was meant to do.

She worked at all kinds of jobs to save money for flying lessons, and later her own plane. In six months Amelia finished her training, and bought her bright new yellow Kinner Airster bi-plane, which she called, “The Canary.” On 10/22/22 she flew the plane to an altitude of 14,000 feet, setting a record for female pilots. Shortly after Amelia Earhart became the 16th woman to be issued her own pilot’s license. She acted as a saleswoman for Kinner airplanes, and wrote articles about flying in local newspapers as her celebrity grew. After Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, Earhart also took up the challenge. Pilot Wilmer Stultz flew and Amelia kept the flight log, saying she “felt like a sack of potatoes.” She still received a rousing welcome upon landing in England, and a ticker tape parade from President Calvin Coolidge in NY. She became an official of the Nat’l. Aeronautic Association, promoting separate records for women pilots. She also became part of an organization called the Ninety Nines, a group of female pilots who vigorously advocated women pilots. Amelia later married George P. Putnam, after he proposed 6 times. But they agreed that they would be equal partners; that she would keep her own name, and they did not promise or expect fidelity from each other.

In 1936, Amelia began to plan for an around the world flight. On 3/17/37, she began by flying from Oakland, CA to Honolulu, HI. She had 3 people aboard, and her plane needed servicing in Pearl Harbor. She ground looped and some thought they saw a tire blowout. Due to a severely damaged plane, this trip was unfinished. On Earhart’s second attempt she had only one person besides herself aboard, Fred Noonan. They left from Miami, FL and stopped several times in South America, India, and Southeast Asia, arriving at Lea, New Guinea 6/29/37. They completed 22,000 miles of the trip; the remaining 7,000 would all be over the Pacific Ocean. The first approach to Howard Island was not successful, whether because of errors or misunderstandings. Some have said Earhart had trouble understanding her direction loop antenna, a new technology at the time. Earhart and Noonan could be heard during her approach to Howard Island, but they could not hear in return. Earhart’s transmissions indicated that she believed she had found the charted position, but there were many dark clouds surrounding the island and she did not have a clear view to land. Her last transmission said, “We must be on you, but cannot see you, our gas is low and we are flying at 1,000 feet.” Whether there were any other voice transmissions remains controversial, and if there were, they were too weak to be understood. Earhart’s last information was that she was flying a line position through Howard Island.

Pan American Airways got signals from Gardner Island, indicating that they must have gotten to land, or the Electra’s electrical system would have given out. The Navy searched for the plane for 3 days, and it was believed that Earhart could have landed the plane and swam ashore if necessary. The search and rescue cost $4 million, the most expensive up to that date, but many thought the information was flawed and the search was in the wrong place. Her husband Putnam continued to pay for searches, and chartered boats. But in time, he eventually gave up, inherited her estate, and Amelia Earhart was declared legally dead on 1/5/39. Many believe the Electra ran out of fuel and that the plane fell to the sea and sunk. There are all kinds of conspiracy theories that she was on a mission for the CIA, that they landed on Gardner Island and were killed, and numerous others. National Geographic ran an article in 2006 stating the belief that maybe Earhart survived the flight, changed her name to Craigmile Bogam, and remarried, residing in New Jersey. This has proved to be false. While we may never know what happened to Amelia Earhart, I think many women admire her achievements. An independent and persistent Leo, she motivated many women to have the courage to realize their goals, no matter how unreachable they seem at times.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi peachpurple,

      That's true. Leo women make great business women, and have strong personalities, but are usually well liked by everyone. They are kind and generous.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Leo ladies are stubborn, daring and brave to encounter events on her own