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Popular Sagittarius Sun Sign People

Updated on October 16, 2016
Jean Bakula profile image

Jean has taught astrology and tarot for 40 years. She enjoys music, reading, knitting, gardening and meditation in her cottage in the woods.

Jim Morrison of The Doors

Jim Morrison—12/8/1943—7/3/1971—born James Douglas Morrison, was an American songwriter, singer and poet. He was the unique, well loved front man for The Doors, who wrote intelligent lyrics reflecting his thoughts on poets and philosophers. Smart and sexy in one package! Jim utilized spoken word passages in his music. His family drove out West one summer while he was young, and saw an accident involving a Native American family. Jim felt that the soul of one of them came to be inside him at that time. He makes references to this in several songs, and the story is usually included in his biographies. Jim’s Father was an Admiral, and the family moved often while Jim was young. His Father was not happy with Jim’s musical career, and Jim claimed his family was dead.

Jim Morrison


Jim Morrison, Classic Dionysus

Morrison was always fascinated by philosophers and poets, as Sagittarians are, and was a well read person. He is a classic example of Dionysus, the mythical Greek lover of women and wine; though an Apollo aspect of discipline has to be half of the package, and this writer believes the "Apollo" was Ray Manzarek, the button down, well educated organist. Morrison graduated from UCLA film school, and began a bohemian life while making The Doors lineup of Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger, and John Densmore. The Doors name came from the book Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley, while Jim was busy unlocking the doors of his mind with LSD. Jim did not play an instrument, so wrote lyrics and would think of vocal melodies, while the rest of the band contributed to chords and rhythm. Light My Fire was the song that put The Doors on the charts, but Jim was always wild, and as the band got more successful, often got in trouble with the law. His long time girlfriend, Pamela Courson, knew Jim before he got famous, and encouraged him to keep writing. Many women claimed to have been with Morrison, one even engaged in a Celtic/Pagan handfasting ceremony with him, but apparently it was not binding.

Hyacinth House

Morrison Joins the "27 Club"

In retrospect, most of the songs on L A Woman were suicide notes, and especially in Hyacinth House, one can hear how desperate Morrision is to get away from the hangers on and lifestyle he's begun to live. Nobody appreciates his poetry, and he feels like he's ready to be eaten by the lions. In 1971 he went to Paris with Pamela. Sadly, he was found dead in his bathtub at the age of 27. There was no autopsy because of French law, but the police ruled Jim had a heart attack. Morrison was buried in the French Pere Lachaise Cemetery, which became one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Jim wished simply to be remembered as a Poet, and later his Father placed a flat stone over the grave, with the words, “True to his own spirit.” So I guess he finally came around.

Jim left everything to Pamela in his will, and CA accepted their relationship as a common law marriage, so when she died, also at 27, her family inherited. In the spirit of fairness though, they did split the proceeds with Jim's family. The Doors music is still considered mysterious and unique, and the black leather pants Jim wore became a symbol of rebellion. Many rock groups credit Jim Morrison as their inspiration and are influenced by his work. Jack Kerouac had a strong influence on Jim, who wanted to experience life as Kerouac described in On the Road. The beat poet Michael McClure was impressed by Jim’s poetry and urged him to work more on his craft. Morrison’s other songs touch on religion, mysticism, and symbolism, and he loved Joseph Campbell’s The Hero of a Thousand Faces. Jim also loved all the myths and rituals of Native American culture, as he sang of lizards, ancient lakes and deserts. The lyrics he wrote are still relevant today, and are still widely played by younger audiences who discover The Doors.

Margaret Mead


Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Margaret Mead—12/16/1901—11/15/1978—was an American cultural anthropologist and a featured speaker and writer in the media in the 1950’s and 1960’s. She was an independent Sagittarian woman, who traveled to exotic places to discover matriarchal cultures and had a good education, at a time when many American women were home vacuuming in their pearls and high heels.

Margaret’s reports about the sexual habits of women in the South Pacific and South Asia came about at the same time as the women’s liberation movement of the U.S. Mead earned her B.A. at Barnard College in NY, and her M.A. and P.H.D. degrees from Columbia University. Margaret went off to do field work in Samoa in 1925. Before she left she had a brief affair with Edward Sapir, but his conservative ideas about a woman’s role in life and marriage turned her off. Mead may not be "sexy" or interesting to some, but much like Henry David Thoreau, was one of my teenage heroes. She explored different cultures and their customs, being fascinated by people, somewhat like I try to figure out people through Astrology.

Mead Studies Primitive Societies

Mead wrote much about coming of age in Samoa. She found that the communities mostly ignored both the boys and girls until they were about 15 or 16. Marriage was regarded as a social and economic arrangement where wealth, rank and job skills of both the husband and wife are taken into consideration. Mead wrote the controversial book Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies. It became a cornerstone of the feminist movement, since it claimed females were dominant in the Chambri Lake Region of Papua New Guinea. She thought a lack of male dominance may have been because Australia had outlawed warfare, and men cannot seem to live without it.

According to more recent research, the area is now called Melanesia, and men believe women are witches with special powers. Mead found the Arapesh people were pacifists, though they would engage in occasional warfare. But garden plots were shared, and children were raised together by all the women. These predominately peaceful societies do not subscribe to the “big man” societies we see elsewhere, where men have all the power and misuse it. The Tchambuli men primped and decorated themselves, while the women worked and did the practical chores. She was the curator of Ethnology at the Museum of Natural History from 1946-1969. Mead was a professor of Anthropology at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus from 1968-1970, in fact she founded their Anthropology Dept., focusing on child rearing, personality, and culture. Margaret held various positions in The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, President in 1975, and Chairman of the Board of Directors in 1976. Margaret was an important participant in the UN Habitat 1, the first UN forum on human settlements.

Margaret Mead's Love Life

Mead was married three times, and most Sagittarians marry more than once. Her first husband was Luther Cressman, a theology student who eventually became an anthropologist. In her book Blackberry Winter, she dismisses him as “my student marriage.” Number two was New Zealander Reo Fortune, a Cambridge graduate, and that marriage lasted 7 years. Her third and longest marriage was to British Anthropologist Gregory Bateson, and she had a daughter with him. Margaret admitted he was the man she loved the most in her life. The novel "Euphoria" by Lily King is a thinly veiled biography of Mead's love affairs. She was devastated when he left her, but they remained friends. Margaret also had two love relationships with women, although she never identified herself as lesbian or bisexual.

Her ideas about breast feeding babies on demand were taken seriously by Dr. Benjamin Spock, the well respected pediatrician of that time. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter awarded Margaret Mead with the Presidential Medal of Honor, (giving it to her daughter), stating, “Margaret Mead was both a student of civilization and an exemplar of it. To a public of millions she brought the central insight of cultural anthropology: that varying cultural patterns express an underlying human unity. She mastered her discipline, but she also transcended it. Intrepid, independent, outspoken, fearless, she remains a model for the young and a teacher from who all may learn.” The 2006 Nickleback video “If Everyone Cared,” ends with her quote, “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” She is still one of my heros.

Ozzie Osbourne


Ozzie Osbourne

Ozzie Osbourne—12/3/1948—John Michael Osbourne—is an English singer and songwriter of heavy metal music, whose career has spanned over 40 years. He is the lead singer of the group Black Sabbath, which has a dark sound which influenced the heavy metal genre. Because Ozzie wears crucifixes and has a dark image, many people do not really listen to the lyrics of his songs, not getting that many are anti war anthems and pleas for world peace. Apparently early in his career Ozzie had a bunch of doves released while in a meeting to make an impression, caught one, and bit off its head, not part of the original plan, but he was drunk at the time. This has also fueled his badass image. Osbourne is currently entitled “The Godfather of Heavy Metal.” As a young man he was drawn to the stage, then to music, and when on his reality show “The Osbournes,” with wife Sharon and then teen children Kelly and Jack, Ozzy confessed that as a boy he wanted to be like John Lennon.

The Ozzfest is Born

In the late 1970’s Ozzie was dropped from his own band due to drug issues, but formed his own Blizzard of Oz, under the advice and management of his GF and later wife, Sharon Arden Osbourne. Several members took a small plane from FL to Madison Square Garden in NY to meet Ozzie, but it crashed, killing three members of his original lineup, including his dear friend Randy Rhodes, and Osbourne suffered a depression, but bounced back with a different lineup, and Sharon’s help. His biggest financial success in the 1990’s was a venture called Ozzfest, created by Ozzie’s wife/manager Sharon and assisted by his son Jack, who grew up in the music business. The first concert was held in Phoenix, AZ in 1996, and was an instant success with the metal crowd. Ozzie graciously featured many metal bands who spiraled to success and gained commercial recognition by playing in the Ozzfest.

The fest continued until 2010, and gave many new groups a chance to be seen. Osbourne played Paranoid at the Party at the Palace in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, an event oddly added into the Golden Jubiliee for Queen Elizabeth 11. Perhaps she is developing a taste for heavy metal? Ozzie flipped his all terrain vehicle in 2003 and broke his collar bone, eight ribs, and a neck vertebre. Sharon revealed that Ozzie stopped breathing right after the accident, and that Ozzie’s bodyguard, Sam Rushton, resuscitated Ozzie. He has recovered, but has some short term memory problems. While recuperating, a ballad called “Changes” he recorded with daughter Kelly, was a number one single in the UK and marked 33 years since Black Sabbath’s Paranoid was a hit.

Ozzie Keeps On Despite Drug and Health Issues

Osbourne released a box set in 2005, two of live and other performances by him and the band, and one of tributes to artists he admires, such as The Beatles, John Lennon and David Bowie. Ozzie has been married twice and is the father of 6 children. The family has a big heart, and when Jack’s best friend lost his Mom, they took him in. Ozzie has abused drugs and alcohol for so many years, even he seems puzzled by his longevity, but attributes it to his love of performing, and to Sharon, saying he surely would have died if not for her love and support. Ozzy has tremors as he suffers from Parkinson syndrome. Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne are one of the U.K.’s richest couples. Osbourne has been inducted into the U.K. Music Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the U.S. He was the first inductee of the Birmingham Walk of Stars, a new honor similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, CA. Ozzie will never give up performing as long as he can get up on that stage.

Crazy Train is my favorite Black Sabbath song, and there isn't much footage of it live, since Randy Rhoads died so young. It was used in a much slower version when the Osbournes was a reality show.

Mama, I'm Comin' Home

Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes—12/18/1978—is an American actress who comes from Toledo, Ohio. She is best known for playing the part of Joey Potter in the teenage drama Dawson’s Creek. Katie began modeling school at the age of fourteen, as she has wholesome good looks and is 5’9”. She was playing a role in a school play when she was called in to audition for Dawson’s Creek, and did not want to let her school down, so they graciously let her audition via videotape. The Hollywood Reporter later stated that Holmes’ audition tape “was the stuff of legend.” Creator and Executive Producer Kevin Williamson later said “Holmes was the perfect combination of beauty, talent and skill. Katie says she was always a tomboy, and the role felt natural to her. She was the best friend of the title character Dawson, but had a big crush on him. People say she has very magnetic eyes, and that they are just immediately drawn to her. Holmes’ first leading role was in a film called Disturbing Behavior, a sort of Stepford Wife Goes to High School thriller, where she played a loner from the wrong side of the tracks. Robert Ebert said her character, Rachel, “dresses in black and likes to strike poses in the back of pickup trucks and is a bad girl, who is in danger of becoming a very good one!”

Other Projects of Katie Holmes

She won an MTV award for Best Performance in the role, but Katie thought her role was “just horrible.” Katie’s role Joey in Dawson’s Creek was that of a girl who acted headstrong and tough, but was very fragile underneath. She was climbing in Dawson’s bedroom window and sleeping with him platonically for a long time. The press was enchanted with her and said her role made her seem like the kind of girl every guy wants to bring home to Mom. Katie was in all 128 episodes, and felt both sad and relieved when the role was over. Holmes made a string of Hollywood films, among them Wonder Boys, where Katie played a student with a crush on her college professor. The Gift was a Southern Gothic Story, where Katie played a promiscuous rich girl having affairs with everyone in town. She hosted a Saturday Night Live where she did a send up of Dawson’s Creek, and was Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher. The 2005 film Batman Returns, where she played Rachel Dawes, was her most successful film to date. Since 2009 she has tried several roles: a TV remake of the horror film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Katie made her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons to mixed reviews, and in 2011, played Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys, where most felt she was convincing.


.Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes in 2005, on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There was some concern because she is a Catholic and Cruise is a devotee of Scientology, and a year later the couple married in a castle in Italy in a Scientology ceremony, though Cruise said they “made their vows official” in Los Angeles the day before. The couple began to be known as “TomKat,” amid rumors that Tom was manipulative and kept Katie a virtual prisoner in their homes. They have one daughter named Suri, and have separated as of June 2012, when Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise after five years of marriage. She has said she feared Cruise would take Suri and she did not want her daughter raised in the Church of Scientology. Many Hollywood Stars are associated with this church, but not much is known about it. Katie has moved to Manhattan, and registered as a parishioner of a Catholic Church once again. Suri was home schooled prior to the divorce, but will be attending a Catholic School now. This is the end of Tom Cruise’s 3rd marriage. Katie has gone on to be a spokeswoman for Olay skincare products.



Quatrains of Disaster

After a few visits to Italy, Nostradamus turned from medicine to the occult. He began writing almanacs filled with prophecies. Prominent people began asking him for horoscopes and psychic readings, but he expected them to provide the Astrology charts, and did not make the proper calculations when he cast them himself. He was afraid his prophecies would get him in trouble with the Church, so devised the system of the quatrains, a mix of languages and syntax that made them difficult to understand. Nostradamus claimed to base his predictions on judicial Astrology, an assessment of the quality and potentials of events, but was criticized by the Astrologers of his day. Much of his work paraphrases events in history that seem correct in hindsight, supplemented with reports of omens and reference to historical events which already happened. Most of his quatrains deal with disasters such as earthquakes, plagues, wars, floods, murders, and droughts.

The invasion of Europe by Muslims is a major theme. He has been credited with predicting the Great Fire of London, the rise of both Napoleon and Hitler, and to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Skeptics suggest his supporters believe predictions largely manufactured by people who want to fit Nostradamus’ words to events which already happened, a process called “retroactive clairvoyance.” But as the quatrains of Nostradamus became more widely known, he had many supporters. Some believe he was a descendant of the Israelite tribe of Issachar, had been educated by two grandfathers who were physicians to Kings, he had two college degrees and supported the heliocentric view of the universe before many others did. Apparently Queen Catherine de Medici found out from Nostradamus that her husband, King Henri II would be killed in a duel, so she was a big believer. It has been said that Nostradamus was buried standing up, and when his grave was dug up during the French Revolution, he was wearing a medallion with the correct date of his disinterment. His prophecies grew more as time passed, and have a large place in the popular culture of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Nostradamus, Writer and Seer

Nostradamus—12/14/1503—7/2/1556—Michel de Nostredame, was a French pharmacist and reputed seer, whose name is usually Latinized to be Nostradamus. Anyone who watches the History channel cannot miss a show about this man, who they claim predicted the end of the world in December of 2012, in verses called quatrains. Apparently his books never made this particular prediction though. He published large books of prophecies that have become famous all over the world. Although many academic sources are dismissive of Nostradamus, there are many believers too, and he still has a large following after all these years. He entered college at 15 to study grammar, rhetoric, logic, geometry, arithmetic, and astrology/astronomy. This writer thought the subjects taught at the time were interesting; especially that astrology and astronomy carried the same weight. Unfortunately, the plague broke out, and Nostradamus travelled the countryside searching for and trying herbal remedies. Later he tried to enter the University of Montpellier to study medicine, but the current thinking was that an apothecary or pharmacist was “a manual trade” and they kicked him out. In 1531 he was invited to come to Agen, by a Renaissance scholar named Jules Scaliger, and also a prominent physician, Louis Serre, to fight the major plague outbreaks in Marseille. By this time Nostradamus had lost his wife and two children to the plague. Finally, in 1547, he settled down in Salon de Provence, married a rich widow and had 6 children, in a house which still stands today.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 8 months ago from New Jersey

      Hello Nikhal,

      There are many important aspects to write about when it comes to Astrology, and most people don't understand. I have written Moon sign pieces on every sign here too. Where is your body of Astrological Work? Take your anger issues elsewhere.

    • profile image

      Nikhil 8 months ago

      why bothered about the sun signs? Moon sign represents the real 'You', your inner being, whereas the sun sign is just the outer projection/personality.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi Kitty,

      My Moon is Capricorn too. Sometimes it's hard to be the only grownup in the room, lol. I always get along with Sag people, a lot of my friends along the way have been that sign.

      Sorry about your broken heart. At my age, I've found that whatever happens always is a part of us, even if finally it doesn't hurt so much. I can replace Morrison if you want! I used to have 5 Famous people on HP and 5 of the same sign on my old blog, and I've been moving them over. I'm also trying to put in some younger or more timely people, but it was a time consuming project when I began, and I have to be in the mood to work on it now. Thanks for the visit, always nice to see you.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 2 years ago from the Ether

      I am a Sagittarius (sun sign) (though my moon and rising signs are both Capricorn). I didn't know Nostradamus was a Sag too...pretty cool! Though I'm not a fan of Jim Morrison (for personal reasons...suffice it to say someone who broke my heart in the distant past idolized Jim Morrison and his womanizing ways LOL). Anywho, great hub! Voted up, awesome and shared.