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More Samhain Pagan Pumpkin Carving Printable Stencils

Updated on October 6, 2017
WiccanSage profile image

Sage has been celebrating the Wheel of the Year with her family for 25 years as a Wiccan; she's like the NeoPagan Martha Stewart.

Wiccan Pumpkin Carving Printable Stencils

Pagan jack-o-lanterns rock at Samhain. I love jack-o-lantern carving, and there's nothing more I love to bring atmosphere to our celebration than a room full of glowing pumpkins with Pagan designs.

Last year, I posted a hub featuring some of my original Pagan jack-o-lantern printable patterns for free, and they seemed to be a big hit. Well, here's a whole new batch of designs for you to add for your collection.

You can find last year's Pagan pumpkin patterns here.

Please keep in mind, stencils are all originals, copyright WiccanSage. You may:

  • Print them
  • Use them on your jack-o-lanterns
  • Take pictures of your finished jack-o-lanterns and share them (though if you post them on a website I would appreciate a link back)
  • Direct your friends to this page to share them
  • Print and distribute them for free to other Pagans pumpkin carving activities in non-profit gatherings

And just for the record, please do not:

  • Use them for jack-o-lanterns you intend to sell
  • Print and distribute them for profit or at for-profit events
  • Publish them on your own web page without written permission from the artist (myself)
  • Put them in any newsletter, book, disc, packet of printed papers or any other collection for distribution without written permission from the artist
  • Use the design on clothing, holiday cards, coasters, bags, buttons or other novelty objects, either for sale or free distribution without permission from the artist (namely, me!)

Have a blessed Samhain, and enjoy your jacks!

Samhain Cat Pattern

Samhain Cat Printable Pumpkin Pattern

Pumpkin Carving Instructions:

1. Resize the pattern below to fit your pumpkin face and print. Transfer the pattern to your pumpkin (this applies to all patterns).

2. Scrape the surface on all the grey areas first. Don't carve all the way through! You want to get rid of the orange skin, but leave the inner yellow flesh intact and thinned out so the light source will make it glow.

3. Cut out the black areas on the pattern, starting with the inner parts of the pentagram and working your way out toward the edges of the design.

4. Leave the pumpkin skin over the white areas of the pattern. These will be darkened/silhouetted when the pumpkin is lit up.

Horned One Pumpkin

Horned One Printable Pumpkin Pattern

Carving Instructions

1. Resize, print and transfer pattern.

2. Scrape away all the gray areas on the pattern first.

2. Cut through the black areas starting with the small sections in the triple moon design on top.

3. Leave the white areas.

Tips: When you're cleaning out your pumpkin's inside, scrape the flesh so it's about 1/2 inch thick. It will glow much better when you light up your pumpkin. The thicker the skin, the dimmer the 'scraped' areas will be.

Maiden, Mother Crone Pumpkin

Maiden, Mother, Crone Pumpkin Pattern

Carving Instructions

1. Resize, print and transfer pattern.

2. Scrape away all the grey areas first, starting with the mother (center), then moving to the maiden (right) and the crone (left).

3. 'drill' small black holes (such as in pupils) with a pumpkin drill or skewer. Carve through black fine lines in the hair or on the faces.

4. Work your way to slightly bigger black areas, starting with the mother, then the maiden, then the crone.

5. Carve the large area on the mother's forehead, and the crone's face and top of head.

6. Carefully carve the 'halo' around their heads, taking it out in small chunks rather than one big piece. Hold the inside of the pumpkin carefully behind the heads as you carve, but keep fingers and hands away from the place the saw goes through so you don't cut yourself!

Tip: Remember if you break a part off, you can re-attach it from the inside with toothpick, pins or skewers to re-attach it. So don't panic.

Blade, Cup, Wand and Pentacle

Blade, Cup, Wand and Pentacle Printable Pumpkin Pattern

Easy-Peasy Carve!

Just scrap out grey areas, then carve out the black areas. Since there is not a lot of black it's pretty simple.

Tell Us About You!

Do you observe Samhain as a spiritual holiday?

See results

Read Some Excerpts From My Own Book of Shadows

On my journey I generally journal spiritual experiences and revelations in my Book of Shadows. Probably some of the most powerful experiences have occurred on or around Samhain. I share some brief excerpts here:

Musings on Samhains Past: A Personal Essay

It's interesting to go back and look through the years at the journey I've taken, and the lessons I've learned. Whether going through tough times, or great times, this season has always been 'magical' for me-- and hope it is for you as well.

Hecate Pumpkin

I think this one's my favorite this year.
I think this one's my favorite this year.

Hecate Printable Pumpkin Pattern

Carving Instructions

1. Resize, print and transfer.

2. Scrape away the grey inner areas first, being careful around the fine lines that are white and meant to remain intact.

3. Scrape away the grey outer circle.

4. Carve out the black areas, doing the crown last.

Pumpkin Carving Tips to Help You Out!

© 2014 Mackenzie Sage Wright


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      hi newbizmu; depends on which one.

      A couple of them are quite easy and well suited for beginners- namely the Horned One and Blade, Cup, Wand and Pentacle.

      The Hecate one is not as difficult as it looks, it just requires time scraping away all the gray areas and can be a bit tedious.

      Samhain Cat and Maiden, Mother & Crone are a bit trickier. But the whole point of the patterns is to make it easier, even for someone with no drawing/scultping/art skills. It just requires a careful, steady hand. Skill will definitely help some people, but someone who is good with art can dive right in.

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 3 years ago from Mobile, AL

      These would take some practice I'm sure.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Thank you Cynthianne, I appreciate your comment!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Thanks OldRoses, I highly recommend pumpkin carving, lol. It's always been a favorite seasonal activity of mine.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Thanks Billy! I like to do both :o)

    • Cynthianne profile image

      Cynthianne Neighbors 3 years ago

      Very helpful! Thanks for sharing the templates. I love it.

    • OldRoses profile image

      Caren White 3 years ago from Franklin Park, NJ

      Ooooooh, I love these designs! I haven't carved a jack-o-lantern in years but you've inspired me to try one this year. Voted up and shared.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very cool symbols. Beats the heck out of the regular pumpkin carvings. :)