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More Than Chocolate

Updated on April 8, 2017

It wasn't on a chocolate cross.
No colors of many eggs,
But on an old, rugged one,
God's only begotten Son.

It was there He cried.
His love to be poured out,
No other could save the lost.
He never thought how much it cost.

Love had a plan, you and me
My precious Jesus is His name.
He came to die so we could live,
The perfect sacrifice he would give.

No chocolate cross could ever give
The satisfying love He brings.
My longing heart, He does fill,
Cherished, loving, caring, such a thrill.

I love Him more than chocolate.
He satisfies my longing heart.
He gave His life to me.
I'm His. He's mine - forever free.

The wondrous cross is what I see,
Treasured love brought to thee
Love's perfect sacrifice He would give.
He came to die so we could live.


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